Lupino Lane

1892 - 1959

The actor Lupino Lane was born as Henry George Lupino Height in London. He was very successful on stage as a comedian who often inserted artistic contortion of his body into the performance.

This funny talent was also developed by the film business in the 10's and Lupino Lane became one of the most popular silent movie comedians in England. In one of his numerous movies he impersonated no less than 25 roles.

He made his film debut with the figure "Nipper" he impersonated from 1915 to 1919 in short movies. 
To his first movies belong "Nipper's Bank Holiday" (15), "The Man in Possession" (15), "Nipper's Busy Bee Time" (16), "The Dummy" (16) and "The Missing Link" (17).
In 1918 followed several movies with the figure "Mr. Butterbun".

He experienced the height of his career in the 20's. To these successes belong productions like "A Night Out and a Day In" (20), "The Broker" (22), "Isn't Life Wonderful" (24), "Maid in Morocco" (25), "Naughty Boy" (26), "His Private Life" (26), "Hello Sailor" (27), "Fandango" (28) and "The Love Parade" (29).

Lupino Lane celebrated a late success in 1937 with his role "Bill Snibson" in the musical "Me and My Girl" which was written specially for him.

His last movies came in the 30's into being. To these movies belong "Golden Dawn" (30), "The Yellow Mask" (30), "No Lady" (31), "Trust the Navy" (35), "Hot News" (36) and the musical filming "Me and My Girl" (39).

Lupino Lane's brother Wallace Lane was also an actor and took part in many of Lupino Lane's movies. His niece Ida Lupino became a famous actress and director in the USA.

Other movies with Lupino Lane: 
Hos Cooling Courtship (15) A Wife in a Hurry (16) Nipper and the Curate (16) Splash Me Nicely (17) Hullo! Who's Your Lady Friend? (17) Love and Lobster (18) His Salad Days (18) His Busy Day (18) The Haunted Hotel (18) The Blunders of Mr. Butterbun: Unexpected Treasure (18) The Blunders of Mr. Butterbun: Trips and Tribunals" (18) Clarence, Crooks and Chivalry (19) A Dreamland Frolic (19) A Lot About a Lottery (20)  The Reporter (22) A Friendly Husband (23) Time Flies (25) Roaming Romeo (25) Fighting Dude (25) Fool's Luck (26) Movieland (26) Howdy Duke (26) Drama Deluxe (27) Monty of the Mounted (27) Who's Afraid? (27) Half-Pint Hero (27) Good Night Nurse (27) His Private Life (28) Sword Points (28) Privates Beware (28) Listen Sister (28) Hectic Days (28) Fisticuffs (28) Only Me (29) Ship Mates (29) Fire Proof (29) Buying a Gun (29) Purely Circumstantial (29) The Show of Shows (29) Summer Saps (29) Joyland (29) Evolution of the Dance (29) Crossed Swords (29) Be My King (29) Battling Sisters (29) Bride of the Regiment (30) Never Trouble Trouble (31) A Southern Maid (33) Who's Your Father (35) The Deputy Drummer (35) Rake's Progress (39) The Lambeth Walk (40)