Stuart N. Lake

Stuart N. Lake

1889 - 1964

The screen writer and author Stuart N. Lake became well-known for his books about the Wild West in the first place. He knew the matured Wyatt Earp personally and published a biography about him in 1931 with the title "Wyatt Earp - Frontier Marshal" which found a huge audience. In this book Stuart N. Lake used the partially amply beautified narrations of Wyatt Earp and published it with audience appeal. Today the biography is also classified under "fictional biography" because there was obviously no critical checking of the details mentioned in it. Wyatt Earp's fame is due to Stuart N. Lake, so he still regarded as a Wild West legend. 

Stuart N. Lake came in 1928 to the film where he wrote his first script for "Buch Privates" (28). In the next years he was especially engaged for Western movies because of profound knowledge. His most famous participation in a movie was "The Westerner" (40) with Gary Cooper. He was nominated with an Oscar for the best script.

In the published letter Stuart N. Lake express himself about the planned shooting of "The Westerner" (40) and phrased his concern that the original material could degenerate to a mere entertainment film and according to this offered his support by the creation of the movie. 

He wrote other scripts for "Wells Fargo" (37), "Well Fargo Days" (44), "Winchester'73" (50) and "Powder River" (53).

Some movies were also based on his published books, among them "My Darling Clementine" (46).

Other movies from Stuart N. Lake (Novel):
Frontier Marshal (34) Frontier Marshal (39) Winchester'73 (50) Winchester 73 (67)