Phyllis Konstam

1907 - 1976

The actress Phyllis Konstam was born as Phyllis Esther Kohnstamm in London. Although she took part in less than a dozen movies she worked together with the legendary Alfred Hitchcock four times.
She learned her acting abilites at the theater where she remained till the end of her career. 
She made her film debut in 1928 with Alfred Hitchcock's "Champagne" (28) at Betty Balour's, Jean Bradin's and Ferdinand von Alten's side. 
One year later follwed her second work for Hitchcock with "Blackmail" (29) with Anny Ondra in the leading role.
The movie "Murder!" (30) with Herbert Marshall and Esme Percy came in 1930 into being and was her third movie with Hitchcock.
Her last movie under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock was "The Skin Game" (31) with Edmund Gwenn.
But other directors as well engaged the talented Phyllis Konstam, among them Basil Dean for "Escape" (30), Thomas Bentley for "Compromising Daphne" (30), Jack Raymond for "Tilly of Bloomsbury" (31) with Richard Bird and Sydney Howard, Sinclair Hill for "A Gentleman of Paris" (31) with Sybil Thorndike and Hugh Williams and James B. Sloan for "The Kindled Flame" (39).
Afterwards she only took part rarely in movies.
To her last cinematical works belong "The Forgotten Factor" (52), "Jotham Valley" (52), "The Crowning Experience" (60) and "Voice of the Hurricane" (64).
Phyllis Konstam got married with the famous tennis player Henry "Bunny" Austin in 1931 and they became one of the most popular prominent couples of that time. 
They published their autobiographie under the title "Mixed Doubles".