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James Knight

1891 - 1948

Der Schauspieler James Knight hatte seine ersten Filmauftritte in den 10er Jahren in Produktionen wie "The Happy Warrior" (17), "Nature's Gentleman" (18), "Big Money" (18) und "The Power of Right" (19).

In den 20er Jahren folgte der Höhepunkt seiner Laufbahn. Er verkörperte viele Rollen in populären Filmen wie "Love in the Welsh Hills" (20), "One Moment's Temptation" (22), "The Lady Owner" (23), "Claude Duval" (24), "Woodcroft Castle" (26), "Regaining the Wind" (26), "Mr. Nobody" (27) und "Power Over Men" (29).

Im Tonfilm der 30er und 40er Jahren sah man ihn meist nur noch in kleinen Rollen, darunter auch einige Filme mit Alfred Hitchcock - "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (34) und "The 39 Steps" (35).
Weitere Filme dieser Jahre waren "That Night in London" (32), "Crime on the Hill" (33), "The Passing of the Third Floor Back" (35), "Convoy" (40), "Jeannie" (41), "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" (43) und "A Girl in a Million" (46).

Weitere Filme mit James Knight:
The Splendid Coward (18) A Romany Lass (18) Deception (18) Tower of Strength (19) The Silver Greyhound (19) The Man Who Forgot (19) The Knave of Hearts (19) Brenda of the Barge (20) The Education of Nicky (21) Crushing the Drug Traffic (22) No. 7 Brick Row (22) What Price Loving Cup? (23) Men Who Forget (23) Hornet's Nest (23) Beautiful Kitty (23) The Happy Prisoner (24) The Great Turf Mystery (24) Trainer and Temptress (25) Songs of the British Isles (25) Songs of Scotland (25) Songs of Ireland (25) Songs of England (25) The Impatient Patient (25) A Dear Liar (25) The Ball of Fortune (26) When Giants Fought (26) Mined and Counter-Mined (26) The Little Shop in Fore Street (26) The Legend of Tichborne Dole (26) The Happy Rascals (26) Goose and Stuffing (26) Maria Marten (28) A Safe Affair (31) The Kissing Cup Race (31) When London Sleeps (32) The Third String (32) Lost in the Legion (34) Sexton Blake and the Bearded Doctor (35) Trouble Brewing (39) Girl in the News (41) Next to Kin (42) Much Too Shy (42) San Demetrio, London (43) Soldier, Sailor (44) Candles at Nine (44) Johnny Frenchman (45) Loyal Heart (45) My Sister and I (48)