Joseph Kilgour

1863 - 1933

The actor Joseph Kilgour was born in Canada, later he went to the USA to become an actor. 

He made his Broadway debut in 1896 and he was able to act there for several decades successfully.

As an established stage actor he got in touch with the film business in 1909 for the first time and he impersonate the role of George Washington in the productions "Washington Under the British Flag" (09) and "Washington Under the American Flag" (09). This role he already played before on stage with great success. 

In the next years followed other movies in which he impersonated Washington. 

His real film career began in 1915 and from now on he appeared regularly in front of the camera. 
To his well-known movies of the 10s belong "The Battle Cry of Peace" (15), "The Writing on the Wall" (16), "The Dawn of Freedom" (16), "The Secret Kingdom" (16), "The Heart of Romance" (18), "The House of Gold" (18), "The Divorcee" (19) and "The Lion's Den" (19).

His last cinematical works came in the 20s into being with "The Heart of a Child" (20), "The Broken Gate" (20), "At the End of the World" (21), "The Woman with Four Faces" (23), "Torment" (24), "The Torrent" (24), "Janice Meredith" (24), "The Top of the World" (25) and "The King on Main Street" (25).

Joseph Kilgour retired from the film in 1926 but remained active at the theater till to his death in 1933. 

Other movies with Joseph Kilgour:
The Turn of the Road (15) Who Killes Joe Merrion? (16) Thou Art the Man (16) My Lady's Slipper (16) Miss Warren's Brother (16) Out of the Quagmire (16) Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation (17) The Easiest Way (17) Her Excellency, the Governor (17) Runaway, Romany (17) The Shell Game (18) Social Hypocrites (18) The House of Mirth (18) The Silent Woman (18) Edith's Victory for Democracy (18) The Great Victory, Wilson ro the Kaiser? The Fall of the Hohenzollerns (19) Blind Man's Eyes (19) Blackie's Redemption (19) One-Thing-At-a-Time O'Day (19) A Favor to a Friend (19) Lombardi, Ltd. (19) The Walk-Offs (20) The Yellow Typhoon (20) Shore Acres (20) Love (20) Hearts Are Trumps (20) Lying Lips (21) I Am Guilty (21) Mother o' Mine (21) Within the Law (23) The Midnight Alarm (23) Ponjola (23) Try and Get It (24) On Probation (24) Capital Punishment (25) One Year to Live (25) Percy (25) Let's Get Married (26)