Doris Kenyon

1897 - 1979

The actress Doris Kenyon was born as the daughter of the famous writer James B. Kenyon. 

When Doris Kenyon accompanied her father to a writer's club she was asked to sing. She impressed the present composer Victor Herbert so that he offered her a role in his musical Princess Pat in 1915.

When she was in the limelight for the first time this roused her passion for acting. One year later she made her film debut in the movie "The Hidden Hand" (16), and it followed soon other parts in "The Traveling Salesman" (16), "The Empress" (17), "Great White Trail" (17), "Twilight" (19) and "The Bandbox" (19).

In the 20's she reached the height of her career. Sie played with many superstars of that time, among them with film legend Rudolph Valentino in "Monsieur Beaucaire" (24).
Other great movies of the 20's were "The Conquest of Canaan" (21), "Shadows of the Sea" (22), "You Are Guilty" (23), "Restless Wives" (24), "Born Rich" (24), "A Thief in Paradise" (25), "Men of Steel" (26), "The Blonde Saint" (26), "The Valley of the Giants" (27) and "Interference" (28).

She got married with the also famous actor Milton Sills in 1927 and they shot seven movies together. When she played tennis with her husband in 1930, Sills sustained a heart attack and died. After this bad blow Doris Kenyon wanted to retire from the film business but the actor George Arliss convinced her to continue her career by get her two impressive support roles in the movies "Alexander Hamilton" (31) and "Voltaire" (33).

Other movies of the 30's were "The Bargain" (31), "The Road to Singapore" (31), "Young America" (32), "Counsellor at Law" (33), "The Human Side" (34) and "The Man in the Iron Mask" (39). 
Her last cinematic work was for the TV serial "77 Sunset Strip: All Our Yesterdays" in 1958.

Other movies with Doris Kenyon:
Pawn of Fate (16) The Feast of Life (16) The Man Who Stood Still (16) The Ocean Waif (16) The Rack (16) The Man Who Forgot (17) A Girl's Folly (17) Jimmy Dale Alias the Great Seal (17) The Street of Seven Stars (18) Wild Honey (18) The Inn of the Blue Moon (18) The Harvest Moon (20) Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (21) Sure-Fire Flint (22) The Ruling Passion (22) Bright Lights of Broadway (23) The Last Moment (23) The New School Teacher (24) The Love Bandit (24) Lend Me Your Husband (24) Idle Tongues (24) If I Marry Again (25) I Want My Man (25) The Half-Way Girl (25) The Unguarded Hour (25) Mismates (26) Ladies at Play (26) Burning Daylight (28) The Hawk's Nest (28) The Home Towners (28) Beau Bandit (30) The Ruling Voice (31) The Man Called Back (32) No Marriage Ties (33) CWhom the Gods Destroy (34) Along Came Love (36) Girls' School (38)