Larry Kent

1900 - 1967

The actor Larry Kent began his film career in the silent movie era and he soon became a demanded leading actor but without reaching stardom.
To his first movies belong "Amazing Mazie" (25), "Smouldering Tires" (26), "The Lightning Slider" (26), "The Big Charade" (26), "Twelve Smiles Out" (26), "The Sea Tiger" (27) with Milton Sills and Mary Astor, "The Masked Menace" (27) with Jean Arthur, "Hangman's House" (28) with Victor McLaglen and June Collyer, "The Haunted House" (28) with Thelma Todd and "The Spirit of Youth" (29) with Dorothy Sebastian and Anita Louise.
Till 1926 Larry Kent als Alberta Vaughn presented a film couple, these movies were directed by Ralph Ceder.
With the rise of the soundfilm era the roles of Larry Kent became smaller and he impersonated support roles in productions like"Around the Corner" (30), "Man Hunt" (36), "The Singing Kid" (36), "The Golden Arrow" (36), "Diamond Frontier" (40), "A Man Called Peter" (55), "Daddy Long Legs" (55) and "The Buccaneer" (58).
To his last cinematical appearances belong some episodes of the popular TV serial "Rawhide" (61-62) and "Viva Las Vegas" (64) with Elvis Presley.

Other movies with Larry Kent: 
Fighting Hearts (26) Little Andy Looney (26) Roll Your Own (26) It's a Buoy (26) Plane Jane (26) Sock Me to Sleep (26) Whiskering Chorus (26) Up and Wooing (26) All's Swell That Ends Swell (26) Eyes Right! (26) When Sally's Irish Rose (26) Obey the Law (26) McFadden's Flats (27) The Whirlwind of Youth (27) Women's Wares (27) The Lovelorn (27) Her Wild Oat (27) Mad Hour (28) The Heart of a Follies Girl (28) The Head Man (28) The Devil's Apple Tree (29) Midstream (29) Seas Beneath (31) Women Won't Tell (32) The Walking Dead (36) Times Square Playboy (36) Treachery Rides the Range (36) Romance in the Air (36) The Big Noise (36) What Becomes of the Children? (36) Unfinished Business (41) Sealed Lips (42) Serie "Damon Runyon Theater: Tobias the Terrible" (55) Serie "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon: The Criminal Collie" (58) The Big Operator (59) Serie "Rawhide: Incidnent on the Road Back" (61) Serie "Rawhide: Incident of the Wager on Payday" (61) Serie "Rawhide: The Pitchwagon" (62) Serie "Rawhide: The Devil and the Deep Blue" (62) Serie "The Joey Bishop Show: Jack Arter Helps Joey Propose" (64)

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