Frank Keenan

Gina Palerme

1858 - 1929

The actor Frank Keenan was already an established stage actor when he joined the US silent film industry at its date of origin. He was one of the first stage actors who went to the then frowned upon film business. 

But bevore he was able to earn his living by acting he worked as a salesman for a cutlery concern.

He managed his breakthrough as an actor in New York where he first appeared in the play "The Capitol" at the Standard theater in 1895. Later he got engagements at different theaters like the Knickerbocker Theater, the Belasco and the Savoy. He took part in many plays written by Shakespeare and especially in th the play "King Lear".
He soon became a star on Broadway and finally he even run briefly his own theater The Berkeley Lyceum where he was active as an actor and director.

He made his film debut at the age of 51 in 1909 with "Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged" (09) and "The Hunchback" (09).

He became established within the new medium in the 10s and became a respected movie actor. 
To his movies of those years belong "The Bells of Austi" (14), "Desert Thieves" (14), "The Coward" (15), "The Stepping Stone" (16), "The Phantom" (16), "The Bride of Hate" (17), "Public Defender" (17), "Ruler of the Road" (18), "The Bells" (18), "The Silver Girl" (19) and "The Master Man" (19).

He appeared more often again on stage in the 20s because he missed it during his intensely film shooting one decade before. But he also remained true to the film business.
He impersonated roles in film productions like "Dollar for Dollar" (20), "Lorna Doone" (22), "Brass" (23), "Women Who Give" (24), "East Lynne" (25), "Camille" (26) and "The Gilded Butterfly" (26).

Besides his activity as an actor he also realised some movies as a director. 

Frank Keenan was among others married with the actresses Katherine Agnes Long (she died in 1924 during her visit of her husbands appearance in the play "Fame"). and Leah May. His grandson Keenan Wynn became a very successful movie actor as well.

Other movies with Frank Keenan:
The Fisherman (09) Love vs. Duty (14) The Long Chance (15) The Despoiler (15) Honor Thy Name (16) The Thoroughbred (16) Jim Grimsby's Boy (16) The Sin Ye Do (16) The Crab (17) National Red Cross Pageant (17) Loaded Dice (18) More Trouble (18) The Midnight Stage (19) Todd of the Times (19) Gates of Brass (19) The World Aflame (19) The False Code (19) Brothers Divided (19) Smoldering Embers (20) Hearts Aflame (23) Scars of Jealousy (23) The Dixie Handicap (24) My Lady's Lips (25) When the Door Opened (25) 

The Silver Girl (19) Brothers Divided (19) Smoldering Embers (20) Dollar for Dollar (20) 

Brothers Divided (19) 

The World Aflame (19)