Malcolm Keen

Malcolm Keen

1887 - 1970

The actor Malcolm Keen appeared from 1916 regularly in front of the camera and he belonged to the early actors for the director Alfred Hitchcock. 

He made his film debut with "Jimmy" (16), it followed "The Lost Chord" (17), "A Bill of Divorcement" (22), "Settled Out of Court" (25), "Julius Caesar" (26) and finally three movies of Alfred Hitchcock with "The Mountain Eagle" (26), "The Lodger" (27) and "The Manxman" (29).

He continued his film career successfully with supportin roles in the 30's and he was busy in front of the camera till the beginning of the 60's. 
To his well-known sound films belong "Wolves" (30), "Jealousy" (31), "Dangerous Ground" (34), "Sixty Glorious Years" (38), "Lorna Doone" (51), "Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue" (53), "Fortune Is a Woman" (57), "I Accuse!" (58) and "Francis of Assisi" (61).

His son Geoffrey Keen became also a popular actor. 

Other movies with Malcolm Keen:
A Master of Men (17) The Skin Game (21) A Bill of Divorcement (22) Packing Up (27) The House of Unrest (31) 77 Park Lane (31) Whispering Tongues (34) The Night of the Party (35) The Lonely Road (36) Mr. Reeder in Room 13 (38) Androdes and the Lion (38) The Great Mr. Handel (42) Serie "Theatre of Romance: Camille" (49) The Mating Season (51) Kind Lady (51) The Lady and the Bandit (51) Serie "Fireside Theatre: Drums in the Night" (51) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Justice" (51) Serie "Fireside Theatre: A Christmas Carol" (51) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Three Sundays" (52) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: A Christmas Carol" (52) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Miss Mabel" (53) Serie "Hallmark Hall of Fame: Hamlet" (53) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: The Concert" (55) Serie "The Count of Monte Cristo: The Talleyrand Affair" (56) Serie "Goodyear Television Playhouse: A Murder Is Announced" (56) Serie "Hallmark Hall of Fame: Man and Superman" (56) Serie "Nicholas Nickleby" (57) Operation Amsterdam (59) Serie "Our Mutual Friend" (58-59) Serie "The Widow of Bath" (59) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Play: Twentieth Century Theatre: Dear Octopus" (60) Serie "The Secret Kingdom" (60) Serie "Boyd O.C.: A Case of M'Shimba" (60) Serie "Hallmark Hall of Fame: Macbeth" (60) Serie "Amelia" (61) Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: Children of the Sun" (61) Two and Two Make Six (62) Life for Ruth (62)