Leatrice Joy

1893 - 1985

The actress Leatrice Joy was born as Leatrice Joy Zeidler in New Orleans. She began her career as an extra in the movie "His Turning Point" in 1915. She soon became the partner of film comedians like Billy West and Oliver Hardy which gets her first attention.

She already acted together with famous actor John Gilbert in the movie "One Dollar Bid" (18). She got married him in 1922. Leatrice Joy belonged together with Theda Bara, Valeska Suratt and Virginia Pearson to the first four-some of vamps.

She worked her way up to a leading actress and star at the beginning of the 20's who attracted the audience to the cinema. She made her great breakthrough with the movie "Bunty Pulls the Strings" (21), it followed another movie at John Gilbert's side called "Ladies Must Live" (21) and the production "The Night Rose" (21).

The height of Leatrice Joy's career came with the signing at Cecil B. DeMille, with whom she shot the classics "Saturday Night" (22) and "Manslaughter" (22). Especially the latter movie went down into film history.

In the 20's followed other great works, especially "Minnie" (22), "Java Head" (23), "The Ten Commandments" (23) - the most famous of her movies - "Triumph" (24), "The Dressmaker From Paris" (25), "Eve's Leaves" (26), "Vanity" (27), "The Blue Danube" (28) and "The Strong Boy" (28).

Although Leatrice Joy gathered experiences on stages and her Southern accent wasn't a real problem whe only took part in eight talkies. Her first one was "The Bellamy Trial" in 1928 and was very successful. Still it followed only "A Most Immoral Lady" (29) and "The Love Trader" (30).

It took nine years till she appeared in a movie again called "First Love" (39). In the next ten years she played only sporadically in other movies, so in "The Old Swimmin' Hole" (40), "Red Stallion in the Rockies" (49), "Air Hostess" (49) and "Love Nest" (51).
She concluded her career with some episodes for different TV serials.

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