Lamar Johnstone

1885 - 1919

Picture Lamar JohnstoneThe actor Lamar became a busy actor in the early 10's.
Already in his first year in the film business he took part in more than 20 movies, among them "Keeping an Eye on Father" (12), "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (12), "Robin Hood" (12), "Caprices of Fortune" (12) and "Dick's Wife" (12).

The next years turned out to be as busy as the first year and Lamar Johnstone impersonated countless roles in productions like "The Love Chase" (13), "The Key" (13), "The Lady Killer" (13), "The Prisoner of the Mountains" (13), "The Rector's Story" (14), "The Warning Cry" (14), "The Broken X" (14), "The Lady of the Cyclamen" (15), "The Face in the Mirror" (15), "The Impersonation" (16), "The Girl of My Dreams" (18), "The Lone Star Ranger" (19) and "The Spite Bride" (19).

Besides his activity as an actor he also realised some movies as a director, e.g. "Trutz in the Wilderness" (13), "The Turning Point" (14) and "The Unforgiven" (15).

Lamar Johnstone died in 1919 at the age of 34.

Other movies with Lamar Johnstone:
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