Allan Jeayes

1885 - 1963

The actor Allan Jeayes was an esteemed stage and movie actor who especially in the 30s and 40s became a demande film actor.
He started his film career already in 1918 with "Nelson" (18), it followed the silent movies "The Hound of the Baskervilles" (21), "A Gentleman of France" (21) and "Bulldog Drummond's Third Round" (25).
His appearances in front of the camera increased with the rise of the sound film and he often impersonated impressive support roles. 
To his well-known movies of those years belong "Stranglehold" (31), "Paris Plane" (33), "The Rise of Catherine the Great" (34), "The Scarlet Pimpernel" (34), "The Tunnel" (35), "The High Command" (36), "Seven Sinners" (36), "Rembrandt" (36), "I, Claudius" (37), "Elephant Boy" (37), "The Squeaker" (37), "A Royal Divorce" (38), "They Drive by Night" (38), "Pride and Prejudice" (38) and "The Four Feathers" (39).
In the 40s followed again more popular movies like "Spy for a Day" (40), "Night Train to Munich" (40), "Convoy" (40), "The Thief of Bagdad" (40), "Tomorrow We Live" (43), "Perfect Strangers" (45), "The Man Within" (47) and "Obsession" (49).
Afterwards his appearances on the big screen diminished, among others there is also the classic "Waterfront" (50). 
In the last years of his life he especially was busy for television productions. He appeared among others in an episode of the serial "Fabian of the Yard: The Skeleton in the Closet" (54), an episode of the serial "The Scarlet Pimpernel: A Tale of Two Pittails" (56) and the serial "Busman's Honeymoon" (57).
With "Reach for Glory" (62) he bid farewell to the film business.

Other movies with Allan Jeayes: 
The Solitary Cyclist (21) The Hate Ship (29) The Ghost Train (31) Above Rubies (32) The Impassive Footman (32) Ask Beccles (33) Song of the Plough (33) Anne One Hundred (33) Purse Strings (33) Eyes of Fate (33) Colonel Blood (34) Red Ensign (34) The Camels Are Coming (34) Drake of England (35) Sanders of the River (35) Koenigsmark (35) King of the Damned (35) Things to Come (36) Crown v. Stevens (36) His Lordship (36) The House of the Spaniard (36) Forget Me Not (36) Knight Without Armour (37) Action for Slander (37) Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel (37) The Green Cockatoo (37) 13 Men and a Gun (38) Dangerous Medicine (38) Everything Happens to Me (38) Libel! (38) Bees on the Boat-Deck (39) Smith (39) The Stars Look Down (40) The Proud Valley (40) The Spider (40) The Good Old Days (40) A Window in London (40) Girl in the News (40) The Flying Squad (40) Sailors Three (40) You Will Remember (41) Old Bill and Son (41) Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It (41) Pimpernel Smith (41) Uncensored (42) Talk About Jacqueline (42) It's Just the Way It Is (43) The Shipbuilders (43) Dead of Night (45) Lisbon Story (46) Blanche Fury (48) Saraband for Dead Lovers (48) The Reluctant Widow (50) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The Seagull" (50) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The Voysey Inheritance" (51) Serie "ITV Television Playhosue: The Vacts of Life" (55), "Serie "ITV Television Playhouse: Skipper Next to God" (56) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Morning Star" (56) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Dark Victory" (56) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Clive of India" (56) Serie "Armchair Theatre: Now Let Him Go" (57)