H. B. Irving

Picture H.B. Irving

1870 - 1919

The actor Henry Brodribb Irvingwas born as the son of theater actor Sir Henry Irving. Sir Henry Irving was the first British actor who was knighted by the queen.
Although H.B. Irving already took part in some of his father's play as a child it was planned that he should become a lawyer, so he studied at the Oxford university. There he appeared also in some performances. Finally he decided to become an actor like his father.

At the beginning of the career he worked at the theater of his father and was in his shadow all the time. When he got married the stage actress Dorothea Baird in 1896 he abandoned from his father's theater and worked on other British stages from 1898.

To his greatest successes in the next years belong his role as hamlet in 1904. When his father died one year later he founded his own theater company and went on tour through England with his wife. In 1911 the theater company went to Australia.
Also in 1911 came her only movie into being called "Princess Clementina" directed by William G. B. Barker. 

His wife retired from acting in 1913, H.B. Irving continued his career for a brief time but he still felt the pressure to be the son of the most famous British actor of his time. He turned his back on the theater in 1914 and was active as a lawyer. He wrote the book "Book of Remarkable Criminals" and achieved a huge name recognition with it.
Only a few years later he died at the age of 49.