Rex Ingram

1892 - 1950

The director, actor, screen writer and producer Rex Ingram was born as Reginald Ingram Montgomery Hitchcock in Ireland and grew up there. 

He emigrated to the USA in 1911 where he first studied sculpture at the Yale University before he went to the film. There he began his career as a set designer and painter befroe he made his film debut as an actor in 1913 for "Beau Brummel" (13). In the same year he also wrote his first script for "The Family Honor" (13).

One year later followe his first work as a director with "The Symphony of Souls" (14) but his real career as a movie director started in 1916. 

In the next years he realised movies like "The Great Problem" (16), "Black Orchids" (17), "The Puls of Life" (17), "His Robe of Honor" (18) and "The Day She Paid" (19).

He has his greatest successes as a director in the 20's and he created some classics of film history. 
To his well-known productions of those years belong "Shore Acres" (20) and of course "The Four Hoursemen of the Apocalpyse" (21) with Rudolph Valentino in his first big role. He became a star with it overnight.
Other movies were "The Prisoner of Zenda" (22), "Scaramouche" (23), "The Arab" (24), "The Magician" (26) and "The Garden of Allah" (27).
Rex Ingram was also responsible as a director for "Ben Hur" (25). The main director was Fred Niblo but there a total of five directors involved in this production. Rex Ingram was responsible for the part shot in Italy. 

Rex Ingram founded his own film studion in Nizza in 1924 and realised all his movies in France, Italy or North Africa. 

His film career ended with the rise of the sound fim era, his only talky as a director was "Baroud" (32) shot in French and "Baroud" (33) shot in English.

Afterwards he dedicated again to sculpture, an activity he already carried on before his film career. Beside it he also liked to travel and wrote to novels called "Mars in the House of Death" and "The Legion Advances".

Besides Rudolph Valentino he also helped Ramon Novarro for stardom.
Rex Ingram was married with the actresses Doris Pawn and Alice Terry.

Other movies from Rex Ingram (Director):
Broken Fetters (16) The Chalice of Sorrow (16) The Reward of the Faithless (17) The Flower of Doom (17) The Little Terror (17) Humdrum Brown (18) Under Crimson Skies (20) Hearts Are Trumps (20) The Conquering Power (21) Turn to the Right (22) Trifling Women (22) Where the Pavement Ends (23) Mare Nostrum (26) The Three Passions (28) 

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The Great Problem (16) Shore Acres (20) The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (21) The Conquering Power (21) The Prisoner of Zenda (22) Scaramouche (23) Mare Nostrum (26) The Magician (26) The Three Passions (28) L'évadée (29) Baroud (33)