Dorothy Hyson

1914 - 1996

The actress Dorothy Hysonwas born as Dorothy Wardell Heisen. Her mother Dorothy Dickson and her father Carl Heisen alias Carl Hyson were both actors as well.

Dorothy Hyson already made her stage debut as a child when she took part in the play "Quality Street" (26).
In the next years followed other teen roles, among others in "The Young Visitors" (27).

She was able to continue her stage career as an adult successfully and she took part in plays like "Flies in the Sun" (34) with Gladys Cooper and "The Ringmaster" (35) with Laurence Olivier.

The film business also spotted the acting abilities and the beauty of Dorothy Hyson.
She made her screen debut even before she had her first stage engagement and took part in the silent movie "Paving the Piper" (21) at the age of 7, but her real film career started in 1933.
In those years she appeared in movies like "Soldiers of the King" (33), "The Ghoul" (33), "A Cup of Kindness" (34) and "The Constant Nymph" (38).

Her last cinematical works came in the 40s into being with "Now You're Talking" (40), "You Will Remember" (41) and "The Importance of Being Earnest" (46).

She also continued her theater career till to the 40s. Afterwards she retired and concentrated to her family. 

Dorothy Hyson was married with the actors Robert Douglas and Anthony Quayle.

Other movies with Dorothy Hyson:
Happy (33) That's a Good Girl (33) Turkey Time (33) Sing As We Go (34) The Crookerd Billet (38) The Royal Family of Broadway (39) L'avare (39) Spare a Cooper (40)