Madeline Hurlock

Madeline Hurlock
Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1899 - 1989

The actress Madeline Hurlock began her acting career at stock companies in Philadelphie before she startet her film career in 1923 with many short comedians by Mack Sennett.
To her first movies belong "Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening?" (23), "The Daredevil" (23), "Inbad the Sailor" (23), "Smile Please" (24), "The Cat's Meow" (24) and "The Cannon Ball Express" (24).
In the second part of the 20s followed the height and at the same time her last chapter of her film career.
To her numerous movies of those years belong "The Marriage Circus" (25), "Whispering Whiskers" (26), "Fight Night" (26), "Don Juan's Three Nights" (26), "A Harem Knight" (26), "Duck Soup" (27) - einer der ersten Laurel & Hardy Filmen, "A Small Town Princess" (27), "The Bull Fighter" (27), "The Beach Club" (28) and "Pink Pajamas" (29).
With the arise of the sound film she retired from the film business. 
Madeline Hurlock was among others married with the Pulitzer prize winner Marc Connelly and the Pulitzer prize winner Robert E. Sherwood.

Other movies with Madeline Hurlock: 
TPitfalls of a Big City (23) Asleep at the Switch (23) One Spooky Night (24) The Half-Back of Notre Dame (24) Scarem Much (24) The Hollywood Kid (24) His New Mamma (24) The First 100 Years (24) Three Foolish Weeks (24) The Luck o' the Foolish (24) Wandering Waistlines (24) The Hansom Cabman (24) Bull and Sand (24) Water Wagons (25) The Raspberry Romance (25) Giddap (25) The Lion's Whiskers (25) Sneezing Beezers (25) Butter Fingers (25) Over Thereabouts (25) From Rags to Britches (25) Trimmed in Gold (26) Circus Today (26) Ice Cold Cocos (26) A Sea Dog's Tale (26) When a Man's a Prince (26) A Prodigal Bridegroom (26) Flirty Four-Flushers (26) The Best of Friends (27) Peaches and Plumbers (27) The Jolly Jilter (27) Catalina, Here I Come (27) Cured in the Excitement (27) The College Kiddo (27) For Sale, a Bungalow (27) The Girl from Everywhere (27) Love in a Police Station (27) Love at First Flight (28)