Louise Huff

Louise Huff

1895 - 1973

The actress Louise Huff began her acting career in 1910 at the theater where she took part in many successful plays like"Graustark", "Ben Hur", "The New Englander" and "Mary the Third".

Because of her success on the stage she came to the film in 1913 where she became a popular actress as well. 
To her first movies belong "The Supreme Sacrifice" (13), "Caprice" (13), "The Harzard of Youth" (13), "Treasures on Earth" (14), "The Reward" (14), "A Country Girl" (14) and "The Mountain Law" (14).

She remained a successful movie actress till the end of the 10s and she impersonated roles in well-known productions as "The Nameless Fear" (15), "The Little Detective" (15), "The Ransom" (16), "The Sphinx" (16), "Seventeen" (16), "Great Expectations" (17), "Ghost House" (17), "Wild Youth" (18), "Sandy" (18), "Heart of Gold" (19) and "The Little Intruder" (19).

Afterwards her film career came to an end quickly because the audience asked for new faces. 
To her last movies belong "What Women Want" (20), "The Dangerous Paradise" (20), "Disraeli" (21) and "The Seventh Day" (22).

Louise Huff was among others married with the actor Edgar Jones with whom she also appeared in some movies.
Her sister Justina Huff was also an actress.

Other movies with Louise Huff: 
In the Bishop's Carriage (13) Her Sick Father (13) A Waif of the Desert (13) An Enemy's Aid (13) Before the Last Leaves Fall (13) Between Two Fires (14) The Inscription (14) The Vagaries of Fate (14) Fitzhug's Ride (14) In the Gambler's Web (14) The Weaker Brother (14) A Deal in Real Estate (14) A Pack of Cards (14) Love's Long Lane (14) The Struggle Everlasting (14) The Aggressor (14) The Girl at the Lock (14) In the Hills of Kentucky (14) Stonewall Jackson's Way (14) On Moonshine Mountain (14) The Shanghaied Baby (15) The Winthrop Diamonds (15) The Stroke of Fate (15) Indiscretion (15) A Romance of the Navy (15) Marse Covington (15) Where the Road Divided (15) For $5000 a Year (15) The Old Homestaed (15) Blazing Love (16) Destiny's Toy (16) The Reward of Patience (16) The Lonesome Chap (17) Freckles (17) What Money Can't Buy (17) The Varmint (17) Jack and Jill (17) His Majesty, Bunker Bean (18) Mile-a-Minute Kendall (18) T'Other Dear Charmer (18) The Sea Waif (18) The Crook of Dreams (19) Oh, You Women! (19) The Stormy Petrell (19)