Violet Hopson

Picture Violet Hopson

1891 - 1973

The actress Violet Hopson was born as Elma Kate Victoria Karkeek in the USA and became one of the first British silent movie stars in the 10's. She made her film debut in 1910 with "Mr. Tubby's Triumph" (10). In the next years she took part in movies like "The Umbrella They Could Note Lose" (12), "The Jewel Thieves Outwitted" (13), "The Great Poison Mystery" (14), "The White Hope" (15), "Schoolgirl Rebels" (15) and "Behind the Curtain" (15). 

Because of her huge success she founded together with her husband and director Walter West an own film company.

In the second part of the 10's she continued her film career with numerous productions like "Molly Bawn" (16), "The Marriage of William Ashe" (16), "A Gamble for Love" (17), "The Cobweg" (17), "The Adventures of Dick Dolan" (17), "The Soul of Guilda Lois" (19) and "The Gentleman Rider" (19). 
Her last great movie appearances came in the 20's into being. She acted among others in the movies "Her Son" (20), "The Imperfect Lover" (21), "The Scarlet Lady" (22), "Beautiful Kitty" (23), "A Daughter of Love" (25) and "Widecombe Fair" (28). 

With the rise of the talkies came her career to an end. She only took part in the talkies "Self Made Lady" (32) and "One Precious Year" (33), afterwards she retired from the film business. 

Other movies with Violet Hopson: 
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