Carol Holloway

1892 - 1979

The actress Carol Holloway belonged to the very popular actresses of the 10s who even got their own serials in which she could demonstrate her athletic abilities. 

She began her career with a theater group which led her to New York. There she got in touch with the film business and worked for several studios in the next years, especially for Vitagraph where she often worked together with William Duncan. 

To her first movies belong "A Strange Melody" (14), "Patsy at School" (14), "Patsy at College" (15), "Bags of Gold" (15), "Patsy Among the Fairies" (15), "The Lure of the Mask" (15), "Johnny the Barber" (15) and "A Girl, a Guard, and a Garret" (15).

Her popularity grew in the second part of that decade and she impersonated numerous roles in productions like "The First Quarrel" (16), "Billy Van Deusen and the Vampire" (16), "Too Much Married" (16), "Billy Van Deusen's Muddle" (16), "Number Please?" (16), "Billy Van Deusen's Operation" (16), "In the Land of the Tortilla" (16), "The Prodigal Uncle" (17), "The Tenderfoot" (18), "The Winning of the Mocking Bird" (18) and "Perils of Thunder Mountain" (19).

She was able to act again in well-known movies in the 20s and played together with stars like Tom Mix and Hoot Gibson. To these movies belong "A Good Bad Man" (20), "The Deceiver" (20), "The Sea Lion" (21), "Rich Men's Wives" (22), "Gossip" (23), "The Love Pirate" (23), "Beau Brummel" (24), "The Rainbow Trail" (25), "Jack the Plumber" (27) and "The Cherokee Kid" (27).

Her fame back then diminished in the sound film era of the 30s and she only got offered small parts.
To these movies belong "The Sign of the Cross" (32) with Fredric March, Charles Laughton and Claudette Colbert, "The Whole Town's Talking" (35), "The Crime of Dr. Forbes" (36) with Gloria Stuart, "Way Out West" (37) with the legendary comic duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, "Scandal Street" (38), "The Lady from Kentucky" (39) with George Raft and ZaSu Pitts and "The Night of Nights" (39) with Pat O'Brien.

After the movies "Emergency Squad" (40) with the then unknown Anthony Quinn and "The Hard-Boiled Canary" (41) directed by Regisseur Andrew L. Stone she retired from the film business.

Besides the acting Carol Holloway also wrote some scripts at the end of the 20s.

Other movies with Carol Holloway:
Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold (14) The Violinist (14) A Game of Wits (14) Patsy's First Love (15) Patsy in Business (15) Patsy on a Trolley Car (15) Patsy in a Seminary (15) Patsy at the Seashore (15) Patsy's Elopement (15) A Gentleman of Leisure (15) Patsy in Town (15) Patsy Among the Smugglers (15) Patsy on a Yacht (15) Patsy, Married and Settled (15) Her Mother's Secret (15) The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs (15) Aided by the Movies (15) Deserted at the Auto (15) An Auto-bungalow Fracas (15) Billy Van Deusen's Campaign (15) The Drummer's Trunk (15) Billy Van Deusen and the Merry Widow (15) Pretenses (15) Billy Van Deusen's Last Fling (15) Making a Man of Johnny (15) Kiddus, Kids and Kiddo (15) Billy Van Deusen's Shadow (16) Johnny's Birthday (16) Some Night (16) Billy Van Deusen's Wedding Eve (16) The Battle of Cupidovitch (16) Johnny's Jumble (16) A Gay Blade's Last Scrape (16) Plotters and Papers (16) Cupid at Cohen's (16) A Trunk an' Trouble (16) The Waifs (16) Peanuts and Powder (16) Bugs and Bugles (16) Billy Van Deusen's Ancestry (16) Skelly's Skeleton (16) Billy Van Deusen's Fiancee (16) Adjusting His Claim (16) The Comet's Come-Back (16) Billa Van Deusen's Egg-Spensive Adventure (16) The House of Hokum Hill (16) When Adam Had 'Em (16) Billy Van Deusen's Masquerade (16) Two Slips and a Miss (16) Gamblers in Greenbacks (16) Dare-Devils and Danger (16) Billy Van Deusen, Cave Man (16) That Sharp Note (16) The Fighting Trail (17) Dead Shot Baker (17) Vengeance – and the Woman (17) The Jest of Talky Jones (18) The Iron Test (18) 'If Only' Jim (20) The Saphead (20) Two Moons (20) Dangerous Love (20) Trailin' (21) The Greater Duty (22) Up and Going (22) Knights of the Timber (23) One of Three (23) Cordelia the Magnificent (23) The Ramblin' Kid (23) Why Women Remarry (23) Chicken a La King (28) One Hour Late (34) Stolen Harmony (35) F-Man (36) Maid of Salem (37) Oh, Doctor (37) Exclusive (37) Thunder Trail (37) The Big Broadcast of 1938 (38) St. Louis Blues (39) 

The Shoot 'Em Up Kid (26) The Smiling Wolf (27)