Horace Hodges

1865 - 1951

The actor Horace Hodges worked successfully on stage for many years before he also appeared in a movie in 1930 for the first time.

But his name appeared already in 1923 for the first time on the big screen when his play "Grumpy" which he wrote together with Thomas Wingey Percyval was filmed in 1923 for the first time. The stars of this film adaption were Theodore Roberts, May MacAvoy and Conrad Nagel.
In 1930 followed to more filmings, one with Cyril Maude, Paul Lukas and Paul Cavanagh and a Spanish version called "Cascarrabias" (30) with Ernesto Vilches and Barry Norton.

Horace Hodges made his film debut at the age of 65 with "Escape" (30) at Gerald DuMaurier's and Edna Best's side.

In the next years he impersonated roles in front of the camera for "Other People's Sins" (31) with Stewart Rome and Anne Grey, "Night in Montmartre" (31) with Hugh Williams and Heather Angel, "After Dark" (32) with Hugh Williams , "Summer Lightning" (33) with Ralph Lynn and Chili Bouchier, "Rolling in Money" (34) with John Loder and Isabel Jeans, "Three Maxims" (36) with Anna Neagle and Leslie Banks, "London Melody" (37) with Anna Neagle and Robert Douglas and finally with Alfred Hitchcock's "Jamaica Inn" (39) with Charles Laughton as Sir Humphrey Pengallan. Horace Hodges played the role of the butler of Charles Laughton. It was his last movie.

Other movies with Horace Hodges:
Old Faithful (35) Old Roses (35) Birds of a Feather (36) The Show Goes On (37) Follow Your Star (38)

Filmed book  (together with Thomas Wigney Percyval): 
Grumpy (23) with Theodore Roberts, May McAvoy and Conrad Nagel – other filmings followed, one under the same title in 1930 with Cyril Maude, Paul Lukas and Paul Cavanagh and the Spanish version of it called Cascarrabias with Ernesto Vilches and Barry Norton.