Gwynne Herbert

Gwynne Herbert

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The actress Gwynne Herbert belonged to the busy actresses of the 1910s. 

She began her film career in 1914 with movies like "The Victoria Cross" (14) and "Lil o' London" (14).

She soon became a demanded actress who took part in numerous other silent movies, among them "As the Sun Went Down" (15), "The Middleman" (15), "The Man in the Attic" (15), "When Knights Were Bold" (16), "Annie Laurie" (16), "The Manxman" (17), "A Fortune at Stake" (18), "The Homemaker" (19), "Possession" (19) and "The Kinsman" (19).

In the first part of the 20s followed again many engagements for productions like "A Temporary Vagabond" (20), "Helen of Four Gates" (20), "The Tinted Venus" (21), "Wild Heather" (21), "Mist in the Valley" (23), "The Naked Man" (23) and "The World of Wonderful Reality" (24).

Afterwards she retired from the film business. 

Other movies with Gwynne Herbert:
Whoso Diggeth a Pit (15) The Ashes of Revenge (15) Invasion (15) A Man of His Word (15) 1914 (15) Liberty Hall (15) Brother Officers (15) A Garrett in Bohemia (15) The Shulamite (15) The Derby Winner (15) The Christian (15) The Firm of Girdlestone (15) Trelawny of the Wells (16) His Daughter's Dilemma (16) Me and Me Moke (16) The Greater Need (16) The Princess of Happy Chance (16) Broken Threads (17) Everybody's Business (17) What's the Use of Grumbling (18) The Hanging Judge (18) Boundary House (18) The Greatest Wish in the World (18) The City of Beautiful Nonsense (19) His Dearest Possession (19) The Toilers (19) The Nautre of the Beast (19) The Forest on the Hill (19) Once Aboard the Lugger (20) John Forrest Finds Himself (20) Aylwin (20) Anna the Adventuress (20) Alf's Button (20) Mrs. Erricker's Reputation (20) Tit for Tat (21) The Lunatic at Large (21) The Narrow Valley (21) Dollars in Surrey (21) Mr. Justice Raffles (21) Strangling Threads (23) Comin' Thro the Rye (23)