Lucius Henderson

Lucius Henderson

1861 - 1947

The actor and director Lucius Henderson began his stage career as an actor at the beginning of the 1880s and he appeared on numerous stages in the next years.

He joined the film business in 1911 where he soon became a demanded movie director, first for the Thanhouser Company.
To his first realised movies belong "When Love Was Blind" (11), "The Imposter" (11), "The Lady from the Sea" (11), "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (12), "Her Secret" (12), "The Twins" (12), "Under Two Flags" (12), "The Merchant of Venice" (12), "The Little Girl Next Door" (12) and "When Dreams Come True" (13).

Afterwards he changed the production company and from 1915 he worked for the Universal Studios.

Lucius Henderson shot many other movies till 1917, among them "Salomy Jane" (14), "On Dangerous Ground" (15), "The Golden Spider" (15), "A Witch of Salem Town" (15), "The Taming of Mary" (15), "A Sea Mystery" (16), "The Little Fraud" (16), "The Huntress of Men" (16), "The Garden of Shadows" (16), "Cheaters" (16), "The Untamed" (17) and "To the Highest Bidder" (17).

Thereafter he retired from the film business and only returned to it from 1923, but this time not as a director but as an actor. 
To his movies as an actor belong "Toilers of the Sea" (23), "A Man Must Live" (25), "The New Commandment" (25), "White Mice" (26) and "The Great Deception" (26).

After a longer interruption again he appeared a last time in front of the camera for "Once in a Blue Moon" (35).

Finally he often worked for the radio.

Other movies from Lucius Henderson (Director):
Adrift (11) The Pacher (12) My Baby's Voice (12) The Star of the Side Show (12) An Easy Mark (12) The Baby Bride (12) When Mandy Came to Town (12) The Little Shut-In (12) Dottie's New Doll (12) On the Stroke of Five (12) Why tom Sgined the Pledge (12) The Night Clerk's Nightmare (12) Farm and Flat (12) The Professor's Son (12) Doggie's Debut (12) Cousins (12) As Others See Us (12) Lucile (12) Undinge (12) Some Fools There Were (13) The Pretty Girl in Lower Five (13) The Way to a Man's Heart (13) His Heroine (13) Her Neighbor (13) An Honest Young Man (13) The Idol of the Hour (13) Won at the Rodeo (13) Cymbeline (13) Carmen (13) Tannhäuser (13) Sapho (13) The Tomboy's Race (13) The Bribe (15) Mary's Duke (15) The Supreme Impulse (15) The Rustle of a Skirt (15) The Broken Toy (15) The Honor of the Ormsbys (15) The Blank Page (15) The Girl Who Had a Soul (15) The Judgment of Men (15) A Daughter of the Nile (15) Circus Mary (15) The Little White Violet (15) Jeanne of the Woods (15) Under Southern Skies (15) The Woman Who Lied (15) Li'l Nor'wester (15) The Tale of the "C" (15) The Heart of a Mermaid (16) Artistic Interference (16) Madame Cubist (16) The Strenght of the Weak (16) Thrown to the Lions (16) The Girl Who Feared Daylight (16) The Three Wishes (16) The Limousine Mystery (16) The Scarlet Mark (16) Behind the Veil (16) A Splash of Local Color (16) The Trail of Chance (16) Love's Masquerade (16) Stolen Honors (16) The Beautiful Impostor (17)