Clifford Heatherley

1888 - 1937

The actor Clifford Heatherley learned his acting abilities at the theater where he was successful for many years.

Although he already appeared in 1911 in his first movie with "Henry VIII" (11) his real silent movie career began in 1920 and he was able to continue his film career till to the sound film era of the 30s and his early death at the age of 49.

To his well-known movies of the 20s belong "The Tavern Knight" (20), "The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown" (21), "The Yellow Face" (21), "Roses of Picardy" (27), "The King's Highway" (28), "The Constant Nymph" (28), Alfred Hitchcock's "Champagne" (28) and "High Treason" (29).

In the 30s followed numerous support roels in productions like "The W Plan" (30), "The Love Habit" (31), "Beware of Women" (33), "Bitter Sweat" (33), "The Rise of Catherine the Great" (34), "The Private Life of Don Juan" (34), "No Monkey Business" (35), "The Invader" (36), "There Was a Young Man" (37) and "The Green Cockatoo" (37).

Other movies with Clifford Heatherley:
Bleak House (20) The Autumn of Pride (21) Beating the Book (26) The Sea Urchin (26) Boadicea (28) The Rolling Road (28) Mademoiselle from Armentieres (28) The Passing of Mr. Quin (28) Tesha (28) Splinters (29) The Compulsory Husband (30) Symphony in Two Flats (30) Who Killed Doc Robin? (31) Glamour (31) Happy Ever After (32) Help Yourself (32) Good Night, Vienna (32) Brother Alfred (32) A Letter of Warning (32) The Indiscretions of Eve (32) Fires of Fate (32) After the Ball (32) Discord (33) The Little Damozel (33) Forging Ahead (33) Yes, Mr. Brown (33) Cash (33) Smithy (33) I Adore You (33) Trouble in Store (34) The Queen's Affair (34) The Church Mouse (34) Get Your Man (34) Adventures Ltd. (34) A Little Bit of Bluff (35) Abdul the Damned (35) Reasonable Doubt (36) If I Were Rich (36) Cafe Mascot (36) Keep Your Seats, Please (36) Show Flat (36) It's Not Cricket (37) Feather Your Nest (37) Dont' Get Me Wrong (37)