Charles Hayden Coffin

Charles Hayden Coffin

1862 - 1935

The actor C. Hayden Coffin was a demanded Edwardian stage actor.

After first experiences as an amateur he started his professional acting career with "Pocahontas" (1885). Only one year later followed one of his biggest hits with the play "Dorothy", which became the longest-running performance of that time. Other successes were "Doris" (1889), "The Red Hussar" (1889) and "Captain Therese" (1890).

From the 1890s he impersonated numerous roles in popular comedies for George Edwardes who increased his fame. 
To these plays belong "A Gaiety Girl" (1893), "A Artist's Model" (1895), "The Geisha" (1896), "A Greek Slave" (1898), "A Country Girl" (1903), "Veronique" (04), "Tom Jones" (07) and "The Quaker Girl" (10).

After his long-toothed successes in the entertainment field he wanted to play in classical dramas and musicals from 1912 as well where he also was convincing, among others in Shakespeare plays. 
To his works of those years belong "Twelfth Night" (12), "Young England" (16) and "As You Were" (18).

Thanks to his huge popularity he also was able to act in some movies but the stage remained his domain. 
He already acted in front of the camera in 1900 for "San Toy" (00) but his real film career started only many years later when he impersonated the role of Major Sterrington for the movie "It's Always the Woman" (16).

It followed other silent movies with "The Bigamist" (16), "Queen of My Heart" (17) and "The Black Spider" (20) with Mary Clare, Ronald Colman and Betty Hall.

His last and his only sound film at the same time came in 1930 into being with "School for Scandal" (30) with Basil Gill, Madeleine Carroll, Ian Fleming and Anne Grey.
Charles Hayden Coffin was married with the actress Adeline de Leuw.