William Riley Hatch

William Riley Hatch

1862 - 1925

The actor William Riley Hatch began his career at the theater, among others he also appeared on Broadway.

He already made his film debut in 1913 with "At Shiloh" (13) playing General Johnston at Jane Darwell's side.

He soon became a demanded silent movie actor and he took part in "The Ghost" (14), "When Rome Ruled" (14) directed by George Fitzmaurice, "A Prince of India" (14) with Billy Mason, "The Exploits of Elaine" (14) with Pearl White and Lionel Barrymore, "The Plunderer" (15) with William Farnum and "The Little Gypsy" (15).

He continued his film career successfully in the second half of the 10s and acted in "The City" (16), "The Lone Wolf" (17) with Hazel Dawn and Bert Lytell, "A Case at Law" (17) with Richard Rosson, "Eve's Daughter" (18) with Billie Burke, Thomas Meighan and Lionel Atwill and "The Teeth of the Tiger" (19).

His last movies came in the 20s into being and William Riley Hatch impersonated roles in productions like "Little Miss Rebellion" (20) with Dorothy Gish and Ralph Graves, "The Idol of the North" (21) with Dorothy Dalton, "Nobody" (21) with George Fawcett, "You Are Guilty" (23) with James Kirkwood, Doris Kenyon, Mary Carr and Edmund Breese, "Zaza" (23) directed by Alan Dwan with Gloria Swanson, H. B. Warner and Ferdinand Gottschalk, in D.W. Griffiths' monumental movie "America" (24) with Neil Hamilton, Carol Dempster and Lionel Barrymore and "The Street of Forgotten Men" (25) with Percy Marmont, Neil Hamilton and Mary Brian.

William Riley Hatch died in 1925, only four days after his 63th birthday.

Other movies with William Riley Hatch:
Paid in Full (14) A Leech of Industry (14) Pierre of the Plains (14) The Ticket-of-Leave Man (14) Shore Acres (14) Wildfire (15) Children of the Ghetto (15) From the Valley of the Missing (15) Lady Audley's Secret (15 Hazel Kirke (16) The World's Great Snare (16) Blind Man's Luck (17) Law of the Land (17) Double Crossed (17) From Two to Six (18) Other Men's Daughters (18) Peck's Bad Girl (18) The Inner Voice (20) Something Different (20) What Women Will Do (21) Sheltered Daughters (21) You Find It Everywhere (21) The Conquest of Canaan (21) Matrimonial Web (21) Missing Millions (22) If Winter Comes (23) Little Old New York (23) West of the Water Tower (23) Trouping with Ellen (24) Night Life of New York (25)