William Harrigan

1886 - 1966

The actor William Harrigan had his first acting appearances at the theater where he made his debut in 1898 with the musical "Reilly and the Four Hundred" by his fahter Edward Harrigan. It followed stage tours with his family which led him till to London and Australia. In 1915 he took part in a movie for the first time - "An Affair of Three Nations" (15).

He concentrated again to the theater exclusively in the next years - among others he played on Broadway from 1920 - before he acted again in two movies - "Cabaret" (27) - his last silent movie and "Nix on Dames" (29) - his first sound film.

His real film career as a support actor took form in the 30s and he impersonated often respected characters in movies like "Born Reckless" (30), "The Invisible Man" (33), "G Men" (35), "Whipsaw" (35), "Frankie and Johnnie" (36) and "Back Door to Heaven" (39).

During the 40s he only appeared in few more movies before his engagements in front of the camera increased again in the 50s - this time often in television productions. 

To his well-known movies of those years belong "Arizona" (40), "The Farmer's Daughter" (47), "Desert Fury" (47), "Steel Town" (52), an episode of the serial "The United States Steel Hour: Two" (54), an episode of the serial "The Alcoa Hour: The Big Vote" (56) and "Street of Sinners" (57).

His last television work came into being with an episode of the serial "Brenner: Unwritten Law" (64).

Other movies with William Harrigan:
On the Level (30) Men on Call (30) Pick-up (33) The Girl in 419 (33) Disgraced! (33) The People's Enemy (35) Stranded (35) Silk Hat Kid (35) His Family Tree (35) The Melody Lingers On (35) Over the Goal (37) Federal Bullets (37) Exiled to Shanghai (37) Hawaii Calls (38) Follies Girl (43) Citizen Saint (47) Serie "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse: Detour" (51) Flying Leathernecks (51) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: You Be the Bad Guy" (52) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Green Cars Go East" (52) Francis Covers the Big Town (53) Roogie's Bump (54) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: The Luck of Roaring Camp" (54) Serie "Producers' Showcase: Happy Birthday" (56) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: This Day in Fear" (58) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: The Women of Hadley" (60) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: Revolt in Hadley" (60)