Wadsworth Harris

1864 - 1942

The actor Wadsworth Harris began his acting career at the theater where he soon became a demanded player. 

He already made his first appearances in front of the camera at the beginning of the film business, among them are "Two White Roses" (11) nd "The Daisy Cowboys" (11).

He soon gained a foothold in this new medium and he became a busy movie actor over the years. 
To his well-known movies till 1915 belong "A Soldier's Duty" (12), "An Unsulied Shield" (13), "Tainted Money" (15) and "Graft" (15).

The height of his cinematical career came between 1916 and 1920 into being and he took part in numerous movies with many stars of that time. 
Wadsworth Harris impersonated in those years roles in productions like "The Dumb Girl of Portici" (16), "The Decoy" (16), as the ghost of the past in "The Right to Be Happy" (16) based on Dicken's "A Christmas Carol", "June Madness" (17), "The Beauty Doctor" (17), "A Young Patriot" (17), "Madame Spy" (18), "All Night" (18) and "The Midnight Stage" (19).

Afterwards his film career diminished and he appeared only in few more movies. 
To his last silent movies belong "The Dragon's Net" (20), "The Iron Rider" (20) and "Rich Girl, Poor Girl" (21).

After a longer interruption he experienced a brief comeback during the sound film era of the 30s where he played minor roles in "One Night of Love" (34) and "The Plainsman" (36).

Other movies with Wadsworth Harris:
The Declaration of Indepencence (11) Mae's Suitors (11) Please Remit (12) The Stranger antd the Taxicab (12) Bobby's Dream (12) The Last of the Hargroves (14) The Scarlet Sin (15) The Love Girl (16) A Conflicting Conscience (16) Priscilla's Prisoner (16) Love Never Dies (16) The Mansard Mystery (16) The Penalty of Treason (16) An Old Soldier's Romance (17) Where Glory Waits (17) The Gift Girl (17) The Hero of the Hour (17) The Stolen Actress (17) Tacky Sue's Romance (17) A Limb of Satan (17) Rainstorms and Brainstorms (17) The Guy and the Geyser (18) The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (18) Home, James (18) Kidder and Ko (18) Loot (19) The Call of Home (22)