Lyn Harding

1867 - 1952

The actor Lyn Harding was born as David Llewellyn Harding in St. Brides Wentlooge - the informatiaon about the year of birth varies between 1876 and 1867. 

He began a apprenticeship as a draper but when he visited a stage play in Wales he decided to become an actor. This decision was not supported by his parents who hoped he would become a preacher and continue the family tradition.

After first appearances on smaller stages he got in touch with a touring group in 1890 who were looking for a replacement for an actor who fell ill. With this touring group he appeared among others in the play "The Grip Of Iron" and toured through England and finally arrived London. 

There he changed his first name into Lyn and became established as an actor on stages and radio plays. It followed guest performances around the world and he was often engaged as a villain because of his looks. 

Lyn Harding came to the film in 1920 and in the next years he took part in silent movies like "The Barton Mystery" (20), "When Knighthood Was in Flower" (22), "Yolanda" (24) and "Land of Hope and Glory" (27).

He appeared again in numerous movies during the 30's and especially his role as Dr. Moriarty as opponent of Sherlock Holmes is still in best memory.

To his well-known movies of those years belong "Sleeping Partners" (30), "The Constant Nymph" (33), "The Lash" (34), "The Invader" (35), "The Triumpf of Sherlock Holmes" (35) as Dr. Moriarty, "Spy of Napoleon" (36), "I, Claudius" (37), "Fire Over England" (37), "Silver Blaze" (37) as Dr. Moriarty and "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (39).

His last cinematical works came at the beginning of the 40's into being with "The Missing People" (40) and "The Prime Minister" (41).

Other movies with Lyn Harding:
A Bachelor Husband (20) Tense Moments with Great Authors (22) Further Adventures of a Flag Officer (27) The Speckled Band (31) The Barton Mystery (32) Wild Boy (34) The Man Who Changed His Name (34) Escape Me Never (35) The Man Who Changed His Mind (36) Please Teacher (37) Underneath the Arches (37) Knight Without Armour (37) The Mutiny of the Elsinore (37)