Lars Hanson

Lars Hanson
Photo: Henry B. Goodwin (1878-1931)

1886 - 1965

The actor  Lars Hanson began his professional career as a goldsmith, beside it he attended an acting school at the Swedish National theater.

Afterwards he got his first engagement at the Intimen theater where he made his first acting experiences on stage. Finally he returned to the National theater where he remained busy for several decades and where he became one of the most popular Swedish stage actors.

This popularity was also used by the film business and Lars Hanson appeared in front of the camera for the first time in 1915 for "Dolken" (15).
In the next years he became established as a movie actor too and he often worked together with the famous director Mauritz Stiller. To his next movies belong "Therèse" (16), "Guldspindeln" (16) and "Synnöve Solbakken" (19).

The height of his film career followed in the 20s. He impersonated roles in the productions "Erotikon" (20), "Gösta Berlingssaga" (24) with Greta Garbo - this movie made him well-known internationally, "Ingmarsarvet" (25) and "Till österland" (26).

Finally he went to the USA where he was engaged by Lillian Gish for her next movie "The Scarlet Letter" (26).
It followed several other popular movies in the USA, among others with Greta Garbo again with whom he already acted several times in Sweden.
To his well-known movies in the USA belong "Flesh and the Devil" (26), "Captain Salvation" (27) and "The Divine Woman" (28). Some of these US movies were directed by his compatriot and director Victor Sjöström.

In contrast to Greta Garbo the rise of the sound film meant the end of Lars Hanson's career in the USA.
He returned to Europe where he took part in few more silent movies like the German production "Heimkehr" (28) and the British movies "The Wind" (29) und "The Informer" (29). When the sound film became established in Europe too he returned to Swieder where he appeared again on stage. Only from 1935 he acted again in Swedish movies, among them together with Ingrid Bergman in "Valborgsmässoafaton" (35), "Pa solsidan" (36) again with Ingrid Bergman, "Konflikt" (37), "Första divisionen" (41), "Excellensen" (44), "Intill helvetets portar" (48) and "Darskapens hus" (51).

Lars Hanson was married with the actress Karin Molander.

Other movies with Lars Hanson:
Vingarne (16) Balettprimadonnan (16) Tösen fran Stormyrtorpet (17) Sangen om den eldröda blomman (19) Ett farligt frieri (19) Fiskebyn (20) De landsflyktige (21) Konsum Stockholm Promo (21) Buttons (27) Synd (28) Vingar kring fyren (38) Rid i natt! (42) Det brinner en eld (43)