Margaret Halstan

Margaret Halstan

1879 - 1967

The actress Margaret Halstan began her acting career with appearances at amateur theaters before she made her professional stage debut at the Haymarket Theater in 1895 where she appeared in the play "Trilby". 

Henceforward her roles became bigger and finally she became a leading actress and the took part in plays like "Hamlet" (1896), "Antony and Cleopatra" (1897) and "The Taming of the Shrew" (1897).

At the turn of the centruy she joined Frank Benson's group where she impersonated numerous roles in plays of Shakespeare and she took part in nearly all classics of this writer. 
Beside it she also worked for the theater groups of George Alexander and Herbert Beerbohm-Tree.

Als an accepted stage actress she came in contact with the film in 1916 for the first time and she made her screen debut with "A Bunch of Violets" (16).
In the next years her cinematical works kept seldom and she only appeared in few silent movies like "Profit and the Loss" (17), "The Wordlings" (20), "Brown Sugar" (22) and "Tell Your Children" (22).

As a trained theater actress the transition to the sound film was no problem for her and till 1965 she acted in front of the camera time and again.
To these productions belong "The Beggar Student" (31), "Drake the Pirate" (35), "Old Mother Riley in Society" (40), "Wings and the Woman" (42), "The Holly and the Ivy" (52), "Touch and Go" (55) and "The Gentle Touch" (56).

Other movies with Margaret Halstan:
The Middle Watch (30) Who Killed Cock Robin? (38) Cornelius (38) Quiet Wedding (41) The Black Sheep of Whitehall (42) Three Stops to Murder (53) Serie „London Playhouse: A Garden in the Sea“ (55) Serie „Colonel March of Scotland Yard: Murder Is Permanent“ (56)