James Hall

1900 - 1940

The actor James Hall was born as James E. Brown.
He began his film career in the silent movie era with movies like "Man Alone" (23), "Stranded in Paris" (26) with Bebe Daniels, "Hotel Imperial" (27) withmit Pola Negri under the direction of the legendary Mauritz Stiller, "Silk Legs" (27) with Madge Bellamy, "Just Married" (28) with Harrison Ford, "The Canary Murder Case" (29) with William Powell, Jean Arthur and Louise Brooks - and his first sound film at the same time as well as "This Is Heaven" (29) with Vilma Banky.

James Hall became a very popular leading actor because of these successes and his future in the new arising sound film looked promising.
But James Hall addicted to the alcohol and this destroyed first his film career and finally even his life. 

At the beginning of the 30s came his last movies into being like "Hell's Angels" (30) with Jean Harlow and Ben Lyon, directed by Howard Hughes, "The Third Alarm" (30) with Anita Louise, "Man to Man" (30), "The She-Wolf" (31) with May Robson and "Manhattan Tower" (32) with Mary Brian and Irene Rich.

James Hall died at the age of 39 at a liver cirrhosis due to alcohol misuse. If only effective alcohol rehab programs were in place during the early 20th century, many lives could have been saved.

Other movies with James Hall: 
The Campus Flirt (26) Love's Greatest Mistake (27) Ritzy (27) Senorita (27) Rolled Stockings (27) Swim Girl, Swim (27) Four Sons (28) The Fifty-Fifty Girl (28) The Fleet's In (28) The Case of Lena Smith (29) Smiling Irish Eyes (29) The Saturday Night Kid (29) Paramount on Parade (30) Dangerous Nan McGrew (30) Let's Go Native (30) Maybe It's Love (30) Divorce Among Friends (30) Millie (31) Lightning Flyer (31) The Good Bad Girl (31) Sporting Chance (31)