Charles M. Hallard

Charles M. Hallard

1865 - 1942

The actor Charles M. Hallardwas already very succesful on stage - among others he took part in the play "Trilby" at the Haymarket Theater - before he entered the film business in 1919.

To his first movies belong "Convict 99" (19) with Wee Georgie Wood, "The Elder Miss Blossom" (19) with Isobel Elsom, Owen Nares and Tom Reynolds, "The Husband Hunter" (20) with Madge Titheradge and Tom Reynolds, "The Case of Lady Camber" (20) with Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome and Gregory Scott, "The Pauper Millionaire" (22) with Norma Whalley and "Mrs. Thomspon" (23) with Isobel Elsom and Tom Reynolds.

After the silent movies "Carry On!" (27) with Patrick Aherne and "A Light Woman" (28) with Benita Hume and Gerald Ames he was able to continue his film career in the sound film era as well.

To his well-known movies of the 30s belong "Two Worlds" (30) directd by Ewald André Dupont, "The Woman Between" (31) with Owen Nares and Adrianne Allen, "The Chinese Puzzle" (32) with Leon M. Lion and Lilian Braithwaite, "The Third Clue" (34) with Molly Lamont, "Moscow Nights" (35) directed by Anthony Asquith with Harry Baur and Laurence Olivier and "The Sky's the Limit" (38) with Jack Buchanan.

Other movies with Charles M. Hallard:
The Bridal Chair (19) Faith (19) Gamblers All (19) Edge o' Beyond (19) Love in the Wilderness (20) Her Story (20) In the Night (22) Knowing Men (30) The W Plan (30) Almost a Honeymoon (30) Compromising Daphne (30) Tell England (31) Strictly Business (31) The Rasp (32) On Secret Service (33) Rolling in Money (34) The Riverside Murder (35) Royal Cavalcade (35) Night Mail (35) King of the Damned (35) Jack of All Trades (36) The Live Wire (37) Youth at the Helm (38)