Fred Groves

Fred Groves

1880 - 1955

The actor Fred Groves launched a successful film career at the beginning of the still young silent film era.
After his screen debut "Popsy Wopsy" (13) he took part in numerous other movies the next few years, among them "Maria Marten or The Murder in the Red Barn" (13), "The Idol of Paris" (14), "In the Days of Trafalgar" (14), "The Loss of the Birkenhead" (14), "Honeymoon for Three" (15), "The World's Desire" (15), "Florence Nightingale" (15) and Fine Feathers" (15).

During the second half of the 20s he appeared in productions like "The Two Roads" (16), "Esther" (16), "The Manxman" (17), "The Labour Leader" (17) and "Castle of Dreams" (19).

He only played in front of the camera sporadically in the 20s, especially at the beginning of that decade he acted in silent movies like "London Pride" (20), "Squibs" (21), "The Crimson Circle" (22), "Rogues of the Turf" (23) and "Memories" (25).

His roles became smaller with the rise of the talkies, still he was able to continue his career till to 1950.
To his movies of those years belong "Suspense" (30), "Escape!" (30), "Sally in Our Alley" (31), "The World, the Flesh and the Devil" (32), "A Glimpse of Paradise" (34), "Beloved Impostor" (36), "Vessel of Wrath" (38), "21 Days" (40), "An Ideal Husband" (47) and "Your Witness" (50).

Other movies with Fred Groves: 
Bridegrooms Beware (13) The Cup Final Mystery (14) Inquisitive Ike (14) The Suicide Club (14) Beautiful Jim (14) Her Luck in London (14) There's Good in Everyone (15) Gilbert Gets Tiger-Itis (15) Midshipman Easy (15) Gilbert Dying to Die (15) London's Yellow Peril (15) From Shopgirl to Duchess (15) Her Nameless Child (15) Another Man's Wife (15) Grip (15) Home (15) Yvonne (15) Mr. Lyndon at Liberty (15) Charity Ann (15) A Will of Her Own (15) The Firm of Girdlestone (15) Mother Love (16) Meg the Lady (16) Driven (16) Smith (17) Drink (17) The Grit of a Jew (17) Garryowen (20) Judge Not (20) The Mayor of Casterbridge (21) A Master of Craft (22) Squibs Qins the Calcutta Sweep (22) Squibs M.P. (23) Squibs' Honeymoon (23) Out of the Blue (31) The Ghost Camera (33) Puppets of Fate (33) The Old Curiosity Shop (34) Royal Cavalcade (35) Dance Band (35) Royal Eagle (36) Second Bureau (36) The Squeaker (37) Richard of Bordeaux (38) The Viper (38) Strange Boarders (38) No Parking (38) The Challenge (38) Climbing High (38) Morning Departure (46) My Brother Jonathan (48) My Brother's Keeper (48) Old Mother Riley's New Venture (49) Up for the Cup (50) The Girl Who Couldn't Quite (50)