George Grossmith

Photo: Alfred Ellis (1854-1930)

1874 - 1935

The actor George Grossmith was descended from a well-known stage family, whose father became famous with Gilbert-and-Sullivan. His brother Lawrence Grossmith was also an actor.

Although his parents hoped that he will enter a career in the army he got married with the stage actress Gertrude Rudge in 1895 who was well-known under her stage name Adelaide Astor.

George Grossmith became soon known with his spoken songs and his comical talent which was also reflected in his posture.
He made his first performances at his father's side in funny plays like "Haste to the Wedding" and "The Baroness".
1893 followed the breakthrough with "Morocco Bound" which established him as a comedian. It followed other successful engagement in funny plays and musicals.

Besides his activity as an actor he was also busy as a producer, director and writer. The burlesque "Great Caesar" (1899) was written by him and Paul Rubens, at the same time he impersonated the role of Mark Antony.

Till 1919 he took part in numerous plays and became one of the biggest stars of the era of King Edward.

He already made his film debut in 1909 with "A Gaiety Duet" (09), four years later followed the silent movie "The Argentine Tango and Other Dances" (13).

In the 20's he often worked together with Pat Malone and performed plays at the Winter Garden.

His activitiy in front of the camera increased in the 30's, to his early talkies belong "Women Everywhere" (30), " Service for Ladies" (32), "Wedding Rehearsal" (32), "The Girl from Maxim's" (33) and "Princess Charming" (34).

Other movies with George Grossmith: 
Those Three French Girls (30) Are You There? (30) L'épervier (33) L'homme à l'Hispano (33) La châtelaine du Liban (34) 

Women Everywhere (30) Wedding Rehearsal (32)