Sam de Grasse

Sam de Grasse

1875 - 1953

The actor Sam de Grasse learnt the profession of a dentist and he worked in this area for two years before he entered the film business in 1912. There he became an established actor in numerous silent movies from 1914.
To his first movies belong "Texas Bill's Last Ride" (14), "The Horse Wrangler" (14), "The Gunman" (14), "Detective Burton's Triumph" (14), D.W. Griffith's "The Bird of a Nation" (15), "A Child of God" (15) and "The Fatal Hour" (15).

Sam de Grasse impersonated again many roles in well-known productions in the second half of the 10s, among others also at the side of Douglas Fairbanks for the first time. He acted in several of Fairbanks movies in the next years.
The most popular movies of those years are "The Good Bad Man" (16), "The Half-Breed" (16), "Intolerance" (16) directed by D.W. Griffith, "Children of the Feud" (16), "Wild and Woolly" (17), "The Guilt of Silence" (18), "Winner Takes All" (18), "The Exquisite Thief" (19) and "Blind Husbands" (19).

The 20s offered him again numerous film roles and became very popular especially as a villain he impersonated like no one else.
His works of those years comprehend "The Skywayman" (20), "Unseen Forces" (20), "Courage" (21), playing the role of Prince John in "Robin Hood" (22), "The Spoilers" (23), "Tiger Rose" (23), "The Virgin" (24), "The Black Pirate" (26), "The King of Kings" (27), "The Fighting Eagle" (27), "The Man Who Laughs" (28), "The Farmer's Daughter" (28) and "Wall Street" (29).

The sound film heralded the end of his impressive career. His last movie came already in 1930 into being with "Captain of the Guard" (30).

His brother Joseph de Grasse was a movie director, his nephew Robert de Grasse became a cinematographer.
Sam de Grasse was among others married with the actress Ada Fuller Golden.

Other movies with Sam de Grasse:
A Diamond in the Rough (14) The Stolen Radium (14) The Peach Brand (14) The Burden (14) Blue Pete's Escape (14) On the Border (14) The Bank Burglar's Fate (14) The Inner Conscience (14) Through the Dark (14) Turned Back (14) Broken Nose Bailey (14) The Runaway Freight (14) The Badge of Office (14) The Tardy Cannon Ball (14) A Blotted Page (14) A Woman Scorned (14) The Kaffir's Skull (14) Who Shot Bud Walton? (14) The Beat of the Year (14) Heart Beats (15) A Man and His Mate (15) 11:30 P.M. (15) The Decoy (15) In Old Mexico (15) Tangled Paths (15) Martyrs of the Alamo (15) Cross Currents (15) The She-Devil (16) The Price of Power (16) Acquitted (16) An Innocent Magdalene (16) Diane of the Follies (16) Jim Bludso (17) Her Official Fathers (17) An Old Fashioned Young Man (17) Madame Bo-Peep (17) The Empty Gun (17) Anything Once (17) The Winged Mystery (17) The Scarlet Car (17) Six Shooter Andy (18) Brace Up (18) The Mortgaged Wife (18) SmashingThrough (18) A Woman's Fooll (18) A Law Unto Herself (18) The Narrow Path (18) The  Hope Chest (18) Sis Hopkins (19) The Silk-Lined Burglar (19) The Mother and the Law (19) Heart o' the Hills (19) Uncharted Channels (20) Moon Madness (20) The Devil's Passkey (20) The Little Grey Mouse (20) The Broken Gate (20) The Cheater Reformed (21) A Wife's Awakening (21) Forsaking All Others (22) Slippy McGee (23) Circus Days (23) A Prince of a King (23) The Dancer of the Nile (23) In the Palace of the King (23) The Courtship of Myles Standish (23) Painited People (24) Pagan Passions (24) A Self-Made Failure (24) On the Threshold (25) The Mansion of Aching Hearts (25) One Year to Live (25) Sun-Up (25) Heir-Loons (25) Sally, Irene and Mary (25) Mike (26) Her Second Chance (26) Broken Hearts of Hollywood (26) The Eagle of the Sea (26) Love's Blindness (26) When a Man Loves (27) Captain Salvation (27) The Country Doctor (27) The Wreck of the Hesperus (27) The Last Performance (27) Honor Bound (28) The Racket (28) Our Dancing Daughters (28) Dog Law (28) Silks and Saddles (29)