Ethel Grandin

1894 - 1988

The actress Ethel Grandin began her artistic career at the theater with the play "Rip Van Winkle" at Joseph Jefferson's side.

She already got married with the director Ray C. Smallwood in 1912, one year later followed their only son.

The famous director Thomas H. Ince spotted Ethel Grandin for the film and engaged her for "The Toss of a Coin" (11) where she played the sister of Mary Pickford because of their similarity. She soon gained a foothold in the film business and became one of the first movie stars of the USA.
To her first movies belong "Dorothy's Family" (11), "The Aggressor" (11), "The Kid and the Sleuth" (12), "A Tenderfoot's Revenge" (12), "The Crisis" (12), "His Message" (12), "The Desert" (12) and "The Vengeance of Fate" (12). 

As an established star she impersonated other demanding roles in procuctions of Ince and later Carl Laemmle before she founded her own film company together with her husband in 1914. The "Smallwood Film Corporation" was already shut down the next year.

To her other movies in the next years belong "When Lincoln Paid" (13), "A Frontier Wife" (13), "The Spell" (13), "Traffic in Souls" (13), "Jane Eyre" (14), "Forgetting" (14), "Beneath the Mask" (14), "The Adopted Daughter" (14), "The Verdict" (15), "In Her Daddy's Footsteps" (15), "The Spider" (15) and "The Mysterious Visitor" (15).

Afterwards she reduced her engagements in front of the camera and dedicated to her family.
Till to her final retirement from the film business in 1922 she took part sporadically in movies like "The Crimson Stain Mystery" (16), "The Little Rebel's Sacrifice" (17), "Garments of Truth" (21) and "A Tailor-Made Man" (22).

Other movies with Ethel Grandin:
Behind the Times (11) By the House That Jack Built (11) A Biting Business (11) From the Bottom of the Sea (11) Executive Clemency (11) Uncle's Visit (11) Bar Z's New Cook (11) Cowgirls' Pranks (11) The Ranch Girl's Love (12) Love and Jealousy (12) Broncho Bill's Love Affair (12) The Deputy's Sweetheart (12) War on the Plains (12) Blazing the Trail (12) The Lieutenant's Last Fight (12) A Soldier's Honor (12) The Colonel's Peril (12) His Double Life (12) The Gambler and the Girl (12) The Garrison Triangle (12) The Reckoning (12) The Bandit's Gratitude (12) Sundered Ties (12) The Doctor's Double (12) An Indian Legend (12) The Sergeant's Boy (12) The Colonel's Ward (12) The Invaders (12) Blood Will Tell (12) The Prospector's Daughter (12) The Law of the West (12) A Bluegrass Romance (13) The Mosaic Law (13) The Coward's Atonement (13) Texas Kelly at Bay (13) A House Divided (13) With Lee in Virginia (13) A Black Conspiracy (13) The Way of a Mother (13) The Toll of War (13) The Flame in the Ashes (13) The Tale of a Fish (13) The Gold Mesh Bag (13) The Shells (13) The Manicure (13) The Fatal Verdict (13) None But the Brave Deserve the...? (13) The Miser's Son (13) The Bachelor Girls' Club (13) Borrowed Gold (13) Wynona's Vengeance (13) Love vs. Law (13) King the Detective in the Jarvis Case (13) A New England Idyl (14) The Box Couch (14) Love's Victory (14) The Opal Ring (14) Where There's a Will There's a Way (14) Miss Nobody from Nowhere (14) Temper vs. Temper (14) The Dawn of Romance (14) The Dawn of the New Day (14) Papa's Darling (14) The Adventures of a Girl Reporter (14) Affinities (15) Tainted Blood (15) The Stolen Will (15) War at Home (15) The Stranger (15) Her Secret (15) The Social Law (15) A Woman's Mistake (15) The Fashion Shop (15) Wilful Peggy (15) Pangs of Jealousy (17) The Silent Prisoner (17) Tit for Tat (17) The Hunch (21)