Harris Gordon

Harris Gordon

1884 - 1947

The actor Harris Gordon made his film debut in 1914 with "The Million Dollar Robbery" (14) and "The Amateur Detective" (14).

Till the end of this decade he took part in numerous other movies, among them "A Man of Iron" (15), "Little Bobby" (15), "The Stolen Jewels" (15), "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (15), "The Oval Diamond" (16), "Her Father's Gold" (16), "The Image Maker" (17), "The Honeymoon" (17), "The Prodigal Wife" (18) and "Suspense" (19).

In the first part of the 20s followed his last regular appearances in movies like "Live and Let Live" (21), "A Wonderful Wife" (22), "Out of the Silent North" (22), "Hollywood" (23), "Let Women Alone" (25) and "Easy Going Gordon" (25).

After the short film "Ship Ahoy" (29) he performed a last time in front of the camera for "Our Daily Bread" (34) and "The Captain Hates the Sea" (34).

Other movies with Harris Gordon:
A Messenger of Gladness (14) The Reader of Minds (14) Graft vs. Love (15) The Finger Prints of Fate (15) A Newspaper Nemesis (15) On the Brink of the Abyss (15) Do Unto Others (15) The Cycle of Hatred (15) Monsieur Nikoa Dupree (15) God's Witness (15) The Six-Cent Loaf (15) Milestones of Life (15) The Revenge of the Steeple-Jack (15) Snapshots (15) A Disciple of Nietzsche (15) The Price of Her Silence (15) The Mill on the Floss (15) Bubbles in the Glass (16) The Five Faults of Flo (16) What Doris Did (16) The Weakling (16) Vera, the Meium (17) Her Life and His (17) When Love Was Blind (17) Double Crossed (17) Beyond the Law (18) Why America Will Win (18) Stop Thief (20) The Woman Who Walked Alone (22) Burning Sands (22) The Dawn of a Tomorrow (24) Romance and Rustlers (25) Too Much Youth (25)