Hal Gordon

1894 - 1946

The actor Hal Gordon made his film debut already in the silent movie era with "Adam's Apple" (28) and "When Knights Were Bold" (29).

In the 30's followed the height of his career and he impersonated countless movies where he often played smaller roles.
To these movies belong "Out of the Blue" (31), "The Strangler" (32), "Money Talks" (32), "Insult" (32) with John Gielgud, "The Bad Companions" (32), "Sleepless Nights" (32) sith Stanley Lupino, "The Outcast" (34), "The Great Defender" (34) with Matheson Lang, "Invitation to the Waltz" (35) with Lillian Harvey, "No Monkey Business" (35), "Captain Bill" (36), "The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss" (36) with Cary Grant in the title role, "The Man Behind the Mask" (36) directed by Michael Powell, Alfred Hitchcock's"Sabotage" (36), "Victoria the Great" (37) with Anna Neagle and Anton Walbrook and "The Divorce of Lady X" (38) with Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon.

His engagements in front of the camera diminished in the 40's and it followed about a dozen movies till his death in 1946.
To his last movies belong "Next of Kin" (42), "Old Mother Riley Detective" (43), "Millions Like Us" (43) with Patricia Roc and a young Gordon Jackson, "Welcome, Mr. Washington" (44), "It Happened One Sunday" (44) directed by Carl Lamac and "I'll Turn to You" (46). 

Other movies with Hal Gordon: 
The Cockney Spirit in the War No. 3 (30) Windjammer (30) Up for the Cup (31) Strip, Strip, Hooray (31) Creeping Shadows (31) Poor Old Bill (31) Old Soldiers Never Die (31) Tonight's the Night: Pass It On (32) Partners Please (32) Old Spanish Customers (32) The New Hotel (32) Let Me Explain, Dear (32) The Last Coupon (32) Josser in the Army (32) His Wife's Mother (32) Brother Alfred (32) Help Yourself (32) Money for Nothing (32) The Indiscretions of Eve (32) Lucky Girl (32) Lord Camber's Ladies (32) For the Love of Mike (32) Their Night Out (33) A Southern Maid (33) Radio Parade (33) The Pride of the Force (33) Hawley's of High Street (33) Happy (33) Facing the Music (33) Crime on the Hill (33) A Political Party (34) Master and Man (34) Lost in the Legion (34) Those Were the Days (34) My Song Goes Round the World (34) Sometimes Good (34) The Deputy Drummer (35) Dance Band (35) Dandy Dick (35) 18 Minutes (35) Lend Me Your Wife (35) Play Up the Band (35) One Good Turn (36) Keep Your Seats, Please (36) Queen of Hearts (36) Dusty Ermine (36) It's in the Bag (36) Southern Roses (36) No Escape (36) Keep Fit (37) Break the News (38) We're Going to Be Rich (38) It's in the Air (38) Keep Smiling (38) Trouble Brewing (39) Come on George! (39) Dead Men Tell No Tales (39) Let George do It! (40) Spare a Copper (41) We'll Smile Again (42) Theatre Royal (43) Heaven Is Round the Corner (44) Heaven Is Round the Corner (44) Kiss the Bride Goodbye (45) Give Me the Stars (45)