Samuel Goldwyn

Samuel Goldwyn

1873 - 1934

The producer Samuel Goldwyn belonged to the most important producers of the beginning of Hollywood.
He was born as Schmuel Gelbfisz in Warshaw. Without a penny in his pocket he left Poland as a teenager and went to England where he lived with relatives. There he changed his name into Samuel Goldfish.

In 1898 he emigrated via Canada to the USA where he earned his first money in the clothing industry. 

In 1902 he was nationalized. At the same time the film business began to conquer the world and he visited as many performances as possible. 
He was married with Blanche Lasky and together with her brother Jesse L. Lasky and Adolph Zukor he founded a film production company which among others engaged the director Cecil B. DeMille.

After differences with his partners Samuel Goldfish left the company but the company persisted and became Paramount Pictures in later years.

Together with Edgar and Archibald Seldwyn he founded the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation in 1916, the name was created from the names of the founders Goldfish and Selwyn. 
The company could compete with the marked but it was especially their logo which made it famous and which is still well-known till today - the roaring lion.

Briefly after Samuel Goldfish's leaving from this company - he enjoyed the name Goldwyn so much that he changed his name into Samuel Goldwyn - the company was acquired by Marcus Loew and his Metro Pictures Corporation. So the company became first Metro-Goldwyn and with the take over of Louis B. Mayer Pictures in1924 it became the legendary production studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer or MGM.

Samuel Goldwyn founded his own company Samuel Goldwyn Studio after his departure in 1923 und launched among others the career of Gary Cooper. In contrast to many other independent producers who disappeared after a short time his company endured for more than 30 years.

During his long career and the changes to the different companies he realised a lot of movies. 
To his first movies belong "Polly of the Circus" (17), "The Cinderella Man" (17), "The Hell Cat" (18), "Upstairs" (19) and "Almost a Husband" (19).

The amount of productions increased noticeable in the 20's, to his well-known productions belong "Partners of the Night" (20), "The Penalty" (20), "Sherlock Holmes" (22), "Remembrance" (22), "The Christian" (23), "The Eternal City" (23), "Stella Dallas" (25), "The Winning of Barbara Worth" (26), "The Awakening" (28) and "Bulldog Drummond" (29).

Samuel Goldwyn produced again numerous movies in the sound film era of the 30's like "The Unholy Garden" (31), "Arsène Lupin" (32), "The Masquerader" (33), "Nana" (34), "Barbary Coast" (35), "Dead End" (37), "The Adventures of Marco Polo" (38) and "Wuthering Heights" (39).

His last productions came in the 40's and 50's into being which were partly very successful or unusual. To these movies belong "The Westerner" (40), "The Little Foxes" (41), "The North Star" (43), "The Kid from Brooklyn" (46), "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (47), "A Song Is Born" (48), "Hans Christian Andersen" (52) and "Porgy und Bess" (59).

"Samuel Goldwyn was among others married with the actress Frances Howard. His son Samuel Goldwyn jr. became also a producer, his grandchild Tony Goldwyn became an actor. 
To his numerous awards belong the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award in 1947 and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1958."

Other movies from Samuel Goldwyn (Producer): 
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