Benjamin Glazer

Benjamin Glazer

1887 - 1956

The writer and producer Benjamin Glazer was born in Ireland and went to the USA in later years. There he studied at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and became a lawyer in 1906. 

In 1921 he appeared for the first time in a movie as a screen writer for "A Trip to Paradise" (21), in the same years he wrote the English translation of Molnar's "Liliom" which is still used till today. 

Benjamin Glazer wrote many other scripts in the next years, among them "Sinners in Silk" (24), "The Great Divide" (25), "The Merry Widow" (25), "The Palace of Pleasure" (26), "Flesh and the Devil" (26) with the dream couple Greta Garbo and John Gilbert, "The Lady in Ermine" (27), "A Gentleman in Paris" (27), "Street of Sin" (28) and "The Barker" (28).

With the rise of the talkies he continued his career as a screen writer successfully and wrote the scripts for "The Devil to Pay!" (30), "Mata Hari" (31) with Greta Garbo, "Two Kinds of Women" (32), "A Bedtime Story" (33) and "She Loves Me Not" (34).

To his last scripts belong "Paris Calling" (41) and "Song of My Heart" (48).

Benjamin Glazer is also successfully busy as a producer from 1928, first for Paramount for which he worked till 1937. 
In this function he realised movies like "Strange Cargo" (29), "This Is the Night" (32), "If I Had a Million" (32), "Alice in Wonderland" (33), "Paris in Spring" (35) and "Exclusive" (37).

From 1938 he worked for other companies, mostly for MGM and he produced the movies "Going Places" (38), "They Made Me a Criminal" (39), "Paris Calling" (41) and "One More Tomorrow" (46).

Beside it he also realised few movies as a director like "Strange Cargo" (29) and "Song of My Heart" (48).

Benjamin Glazer was awarded with two Oscars for the best script: "7th Heaven" (27) and was with it the screen writer in film history who won an Oscar as well as "Arise, My Love" (40).

Benjamin Glazer belonged to the 36 founding members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), which awards the Oscar since 1929.
He was married with the actress Sharon Lynn.

Other movies from Benjamin Glazer (Writer):
Fine Clothes (25) The Great Love (25) The Skyrocket (26) Memory Lane (26) Wild Oats Lane (26) You Never Know Women (26) Diplomacy (26) The Gay Deceiver (26) Everybody's Acting (26) Paid to Love (27) Service for Ladies (27) The Love Mart (27) The Trail of '98 (28) Happiness Ahead (28) Beggars of Life (28) Strange Cargo (29) The Dance of Life (29) Tol'able David (30) The Boudoir Diplomat (30) The Pagan Lady (31) This Is the Night (32) Monsieur Albert (32) A Farewel to Arms (32) Na Man of Her Own (32) L'amour guide (33) The Way to Love (33) We're Not Dressing (34) Tortilla Flat (42) 

Street of Sin (28) The Big Broadcast (32) A Farewell to Arms (32) The Story of Temple Drake (33) The Way to Love (33) We're Not Dressing (34) She Loves Me Not (34) Enter Madame (35) Love in Bloom (35) The Big Broadcast of 1936 (35) Anything Goes (36) Rhythm on the Range (36) Internes Can't Take Money (37) Mountain Music (37) Double or Nothing (37) Four Daughters (38) Yes, My Darling Daughter (39)