Billy Gilbert

1894 - 1971

The actor Billy Gilbert belonged to the much busy comedians of the 20's and especially of the 30's, who often appeared at great comedian star's side like Laurel & Hardy, The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers and Charlie Chase.

Already at the age of 12 he appeared in a choral group, eventually he went to the Vaudeville theater and played on the Broadway.

During a theater performance he was spotted by an agent of Hal Roach, as a result he played in about 200 movies in the next decades.

His first role in a movies was for "Cruel, Cruel Love"(14), it followed "Bubbles of Trouble" (16) and in the 20's "Dynamite Allen" (21), "All Night Long" (24), "Whispering Whiskers" (25), "Gooseland" (26), "Alice Be Good" (26), "Catalina, Here I Come" (27), "Smith's Pony" (27), "A Simple Sap" (28), "Noisy Neighbors" (29) and "The Woman from Hell" (29).

Billy Gilbert became established in the 30's as a great comedian, among others he took part in the Laurel-&-Hardy shorts "One Good Turn" (31), "On The Loose" (31), "The Music Box" (32) with an impressive performance of Professor Theodore von Schwarzenhoffen, "The Chimp" (32), "Country Hospital" (32), "Their First Mistake" (32), "Towed in a Hole" (32) and "Them Thar Hills" (34). Moreover he also played in the feature film "Pack Up Your Troubles" (32) and "Block-Heads" (38) of Laurel & Hardy, and in the movie "Sons of the Desert" (33) you could hear his voice on the radio.

To his countless other engagements of the 30's belong "The Panic Is On" (31), "Chinatown After Dark" (31), "Dogs Is Dogs" (31), "The Tabasco Kid" (32), "In Walked Charley" (32), "Free Eats" (32) and "Spanky" (32) - both are episodes from "Our Gang - The Little Rascals", "First in War" (32), "Hot Spot" (32), "Sneak Easily" (32), "Bring 'Em Back a Wife" (33), "The Bargain of the Century" (33), "The Rummy" (33), "Rhapsody n Brew" (33), "This Day and Age" (33), "A Night at the Opera" (34) with the Marx Brothers, "Soup and Fish" (34), "His Old Flame" (35), "Curly Top" (35) with Shirley Temple, "Sea Devils" (37), "Espionage" (37), "Maid's Night Out" (38) and "Destry Rides Again" (39). 

Although in lively memory is Billy Gilbert's voice in the Walt Disney picture "Snow White and the Seven Dwarf" (37) as Sneezy.
The 40's marked the last decade of a busy film career. Billy Gilbert took once more part in some well-known movies, among others at Charlie Chaplin's side in "The Great Dictator" (40), "Seven Sinners" (40), "Angels with Broken Wings" (41), "New Wine" (41), "Valley of the Sun" (42), "Arabian Nights" (42), "Ever Since Venus" (44) and "Bride of Vengeance" (49).

His performance as a sultan in the movie "Five Weeks in a Balloon" (62) was his last work.
Other movies with Billy Gilbert: 
The Doctor's Wife (30) First Aid (31) Shiver My Timbers (31) The Hasty Marriage (31) A Melon-Drama (31) The Nickel Nurser (32) Red Noses (32) You're Telling Me (32) In Walked Charley (32) Strictly Unreliable (32) County Hospital (32) Million Dollar Legs (32) What Price Taxi (32) Strange Innertube (32) Taxi for Two (32) Taxi Barons (32) Asleep in the Feet (33) Fallen Arches (33) Wreckety Wrecks (33) Maids a la Mode (33) Forgotten Babies (33) call Her Sausage (33) One Track Minds (33) Thundering Taxis (33) Luncheon at Twelve (33) The Cracked Iceman (34) Next Week-end (34) The Caretaker's Daughter (34) Apples to You! (34) Mrs. Barnacle Bill (34) Roamin' Vandals (34) Movie Daze (34) Music in Your Hair (34) Get Along Little Hubby (34) Cockeyed Cavaliers (34) Tripping Through the Tropics (34) His Bridal Sweet (35) Pardon My Scotch (35) Nurse to You (35) Millions in the Air (35) Just Another Murder (35) Hail, Brother (35) Dangerous Waters (36) Early to Bed (36) Kelly the Second (36) Night Waitress (36) Three of a Kind (36) The Bride Walks Out (36) We're on the Jury (37) On the Avenue (37) China Passage (37) The Man Who Found Himself (37) The Outcasts of Pker Flat (37) The Toast of New York (37) Broadway Melody of 1938 (37) The Life of the Party (37) The Firefly (37) Fight for Your Lady (37) Rosalie (37) Swing Fever (37) She's Got Everything (37) One Hundred Men and a Girl (37) Music for Madame (37) Happy Landing (38) Joy of Living (38) Army Girl (38) Breaking the Ice (68) Mr. Doodle Kicks Off 838) Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (38) My Lucky Star (38) Once Over Lightly (38) The Girl Downstairs (38) Forged Passport (39) The Under-Pup (39) The Star Maker (39) His Girl Friday (49) Sandy Is a Lady (40) Women in War (40) Safari (40) Queen of the Mob (40) Cross-Country Romance (40) Scatterbrain (40) Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot (40) The villain Still Pursued Her (40) Tin Pan Alley (40) No, No, Nanette (40) A Little Bit of Heaven (40) Reaching for the Sun (41) One Night in Lisbon (41) Meet Roy Rogers (41) Week-End in Havana (41) Model Wife (41) Mr. Wise Guy (42) Sleepytime Gal (42) Song of the Islands (42) Shantytown (43) Shot in the Escape (43), Crazy House (43) Always a Bridesmaid (43) Crazy Like a Fox (44) Cookin' Up Trouble (44) Crazy Knights (44) Trouble Chasers (45) Anchors Aweigh (45) The Kissing Bandit (49) Down Among the Shelterin Palms (53) Serie "Shirley Temple's Storybook: Mother Goose" (58) Paradise Alley (61)