Pauline Garon

1900 - 1965

The actress Pauline Garon was born as the youngest of eleven siblings and was able to join the "Couvent Sacre-Coeur" school in Montreal gehen. There she ghot in touch with the theater and found her future passion.

About 1920 she went to New York where she appeared in first Broadway plays, and the film business soon found it's way into her career too. 
To her first cinematical works belong "A Manhattan Knight" (20), "The Power Within" (21), "Reported Missing" (22), "Sonny" (22) directed by Henry King, "Manslaughter" (22), "Adam's Rib" (23) directed by Cecil B. DeMille, "The Spitfire" (24), "Wine of Youth" (24), "The Love Gamble" (25) and "Der Farmer aus Texas" (25), a German production.

In the second part of the 20s came again numerous movies into being in which she impersonated interesting roles. To these movies belong "The Love of Sunya" (27), "Naughty" (27), "The Candy Kid" (28), "The Devil's Cage" (28), "Redskin" (29) and "The Gamblers" (29).

In the sound film era of the 30s her roles became smaller, she often appeared in French movie version of Paramount productions as well as in British productions. 
To her appearences in front of the camera in the 30s belong "Letters" (30), "Le spectre vert" (30), "Echec au roi" (31), "The Phantom Broadcast" (33), "Easy Millions" (33), "Dangerous" (35), "Colleen" (36), "Shall We Cance" (37) and "Bluebeard's Eight Wife" (38).

Afterwards she retired more or less from the film business, only for the movies "The Cowboy and the Blonde" (41), "How Green Was My Valley" (41) and "Bunco Squad" (50) she returned to the silver screen.

Pauline Garon was married with the actors Lowell Sherman and Clyde Harland Alban and finally with comedian Ross Forester.

Other movies with Pauline Garon:
Polly of the Follies (22) The Man from Glengarry (22) You Can't Fool Your Wife (23) Children of the Dust (23) Glengarry School Days (23) Forgive and Forget (23) The Marriage Market (23) What the Butler Saw (24) Pal o' Mine (24) The Average Woman (24) The Turmoil (24) The Painted Flapper (24) Speed (25) Passionate Youth (25) Fighting Youth (25) Where Was I? (25) The Great Sensation (25) Satan in Sables (25) Compromise (25) Rose of the World (25) The Spendid Road (25) Flaming Waters (25) Christine of the Big Tops (26) Driven from Home (27) The Princess on Broadway (27) Eager Lips (27) Ladies at Ease (27) The College Hero (27) Temptations of a Shop Girl (27) The Heart of Broadway (28) The Girl He Didn't Buy (28) Dugan of the Dugouts (28) Riley of the Rainbow Division (28) Must We Marry? (28) Lovers' Delight (29) In the Headlines (29) The Show of Shows (29) Jack White Talking Pictures (30) Garde la bombe (30) The Thoroughbred (30) Parles Vous (30) We! We! Marie! (30) Ooh La-La (30) Parsian Gaities (31) By Appointment Only (33) One Year Later (33) La veuve joyeuse (34) Wonder Bar (34) Lost in the Stratosphere (34) The White Cockatoo (35) Becky Sharp (35) Going Highbrow (35) It Had to Happen (36) Song of the Saddle (36) Follies-Bergère (36) King of Hockey (36) Her Husband's Secretary (37)