Robert Frazer

1891 - 1944

The actor Robert Frazer was born as Robert William Browne in Worcester.

After he made first acting experiences on stage he joined the film business in 1912 and became a popular leading actor during the silent movie era.

Already in his first year in the film industry he impersonated a role which gave him a place in the film history. In the production "Robin Hood" (12) he was the first actor who played this legendary figure. 
Other movies of that year were "The Holy City" (12), "The Dreamers" (12), "The Lucky Loser" (12) and "Silent Jim" (12).

The following years offered him numerous roles, among them for "The Witch" (13), "Soul to Soul" (13), "Rob Roy" (13), "The Price Paid" (14), "The Aztec Treasure" (14), "The Ghost of the Mine" (14), "The Lone Star Rush" (15), "The Decoy" (16) and "Her Code of Honor" (19).

In the 20s followed again many movies in which he could impersonate the leading role. To these movies belong "Without Limit" (21), "Fascination" (22), "My Friend the Devil" (22), "Men" (24), "Broken Barriers" (24), "Miss Bluebeard" (25), "The White Desert" (25), "Desert Gold" (26), "The City" (26), "The Silent Hero" (27), "The Little Snob" (28), "The City of Purple Dreams" (28), "The King of the Kongo" (29) and "Frozen Justice" (29).

Robert Frazer managed the change to the sound film without effort but because of his age he only was able to play few more leading roles at the beginning of the 30s, afterwards followed countless support roles and character figures. 
To his most popular movies of the 30s belong "Beyond the Law" (30), "White Zombie" (32), "The King Murder" (32), "The Three Musketeers" (33), "Monte Carlo Nights" (34), "One in a Million" (35), "Death from a Distance" (35), The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand" (36), "The Garden of Allah" (36), "Black Aces" (37), "The Secret of Treasure Island" (38), "Juarez" (39) and "The Mad Empress" (39).

Robert Frazer remained true the the medium film till to his death and he appeared in his last days of live in the productions "Music in My Heart" (40), "Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc." (41), "Black Dragons" (42), "Daredevils of the West" (43), "The Kansan" (43), "Captain America" (44), "The Tiger Woman" (44) and "Forty Thieves" (44).

Robert Frazer died at the age of 53 in 1944 of leukemia.
He was married with the actress Mildred Bright.

Other movies with Robert Frazer:
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