George Fitzmaurice

George Fitzmaurice

1885 - 1940

The director George Fitzmaurice was born in Paris and studied there fine art before he went to the USA.

There he began his artistic career as set designer for various stages before he entered the film business in the same profession in 1908. 

From 1914 George Fitzmaurice also appeared in movies by name, first as a screen writer but soon afterwards also as a director. 
To his first movies as a director belong "When Rome Ruled" (14), "The Bomb Boy" (14), "The Commuters" (15) and "The Money Master" (15).

In the second part of the 10's he realised movies like "Big Jim Garrity" (16), "The Romantic Journey" (16), "The Mark of Cain" (17), "A Japanese Nightingale" (18), "The Avalanche" (19) and "Counterfeit" (19).

Soon Fitzmaurice was regarded as a specialist for romantic dramas and he realised a whole string of successful movies in the 20's, first for Paramount then for Samuel Goldwyn from 1925. Among them are the productions "Paying the Piper" (21), "Three Live Ghosts" (22), "Bella Donna" (23), "Tarnish" (24), "The Dark Angel" (25), "The Son of the Sheik" (26) with the legendary Rudolph Valentino - it was his last movie at the same time, shortly afterwards he died, "The Night of Love" (27), "The Barker" (28) and "The Locked Door" (29).

George Fitzmaurce was able to continue his career in the new talky era and directed the movies "Raffles" (30), "The Unholy Garden" (31), "Mata Hari" (31) with Greta Garbo, "As You Desire Me" (32) again with Greta Garbo, "Suzy" (36), "Arsène Lupin Returns" (38) and "Adventure in Diamonds" (40).

George Fitzmaurice created the dream couple Rudolph Valentino / Vilma Banky and especially Ronald Colman / Vilma Banky.

George Fitzmaurice was among others married with the screen writer Ouida Bergère and the actress Diana Kane.

Other movies from George Fitzmaurice (Director):
The Quest of the Sacred Jewel (14) Stop Thief! (15) Who's Who in Society (15) Via Wireless (15) At Bay (15) New York (16) The Test (16) Arms and the Woman (16) Kick In (17) The Hunting of the Hawk (17) The Recoil (17) The Iron Heart (17) Blind Man's Luck (17) The On-the-Square Girl (17) Sylvia of the Secret Service (17) Innocent (18) The Naulahka (18) The Hillcrest Mystery (18) The Narrow Path (18) Common Clay (19) The Cry of the Weak (19) The Profiteers (19) Our Better Selves (19) A Society Exile (19) The Witness for the Defense (19) On with the Dance (20) The Right to Love (20) Idols of Clay (20) Experience (21) Forever (21) The Man from Home (22) To Have and to Hold (22) Kick In (22) The Cheat (23) The Eternal City (23) Cytherea (24) A Thief in Paradise (25) His Supreme Moment (25) The Tender Hour (27) Rose of the Golden West (27) The Love Mart (27) Lilac Time (28) His Captive Woman (29) The Man and the Moment (29) Tiger Rose (29) The Bad One (30) The Devil to Pay! (30) One Heavenly Night (31) Strangers May Kiss (31) All Men Are Enemies (34) Petticoat Fever (36) The Emperor's Candlesticks (37) Live, Love and Learn (37) Vacation from Love (38) 

Paying the Piper (21) The Cheat (23) A Thief in Paradise (25) The Son of the Sheik (26) Lilac Time (28) The Locked Door (29) The Devil to Pay! (30) Strangers May Kiss (31) The Unholy Garden (31) Mata Hari (31) As You Desire Me (32) 

The Pearl of the Punjab (14) The Corsair (14) Who's Who in Society (15) 

The Avalanche (19) Ben Hur (25)