J. Fisher White

1865 - 1945

The actor Joseph John Fisher White became a well-known stage actor at the end of the 19th century and he continued his theater career successfully after 1900. 

He already took part in his first movie in 1905 called "The Tempest" (05). It followed a longer interruption before he appeared in his second movie "Masks and Faces" (17). Afterwards he acted in "God Bless our Red, White and Blue" (18) and "Damaged Goods" (19).

His engagements in movies remained seldom in the next years. To his most popular movies of the 20s belong "The Will" (21), "Owd Bob" (24), "Somebody's Darling" (25), "The Fake" (27), "The City of Youth" (28) and "The Last Post" (29).

He continued his screen career in the 30s and impersonated impressive roles in productions like "Madame Guillotine" (31), "Dreyfus" (31), "Betrayel" (32), "The Great Defender" (34), "City of Beautiful Nonsense" (35), "Little Miss Somebody" (37), "Under the Red Robe" (37) and "Bird in Hand" (38).

His last movie came into being with "Pastor Hall" (40).

His nephew Wilfried Hyde-White became a popular actor as well.

Other movies with J. Fisher White:
Nobody's Child (19) Tense Moments with Great Autohrs: A Tale of Two Cities (22) Bentley's Conscience (22) Adiana of the Crossways (22) The Perfect Crime (25) Thou Fool (26) Blinkeyes (26) One Colombo Night (26) The Island of Despair (26) One Increasing Purpose (27) Somehow Good (27) The Only Way (27) Balaclava (28) Lily of Killarney (29) Loose Ends (30) Kissing Cup's Race (30) Many Waters (31) A Man of Mayfair (31) The Wonderful Story (32) The Good Companions (33) Counsel's Opinion (33) A Cup of Kindness (34) What Happened Then? (34) The Old Curiosity Shop (34) Turn of the Tide (35) Hearts of Humanity (36) As You Like It (36) Dreaming Lips (37) Moonlight Sonata (37) The Old Lady Shows Her Medals (37) The Man Who Made Diamonds (37) Bells of St. Mary's (37) Breakers Ahead (38) All Living Things (39)