Casson Ferguson

Casson Ferguson

1891 - 1929

The actor Casson Ferguson made his film debut in 1917 and he took part in about 13 movies in his first year, among them "The Great Treasure" (17), "The Boob" (17), "A Question of Honesty" (17), "The Mystery of No. 47" (17) and "The Love of Princess Olga" (17).

He became established as a silent movie actor in the next years and he impersonated roles in "Unclaimed Goods" (18), "Alias Mary Brown" (18), "The Drifters" (19) with Lois Wilson, "The Ghost Girl" (19) and "Flame of the Desert" (19).

He was able to take part in numerous movies in the 20s again, to these productions belong gehören Frank Lloyd's "Madame X" (20) with Pauline Frederick, "At the End of the World" (21) with Milton Sills and Betty Compson, "Over the Border" (22), "Borderland" (22) with Agnes Ayres and Milton Sills, Cecil B. DeMille's "Manslaughter" (22) with Leatricy Joy, George Fawcett, Thomas Meighan and Lois Wilson, William C. DeMille's "Grumpy" (23) with Theodore Roberts, May MacAvoy and Conrad Nagel, "Her Reputation" (23) with Mae MacAvoy and Lloyd Hughes, "The Wedding Song" (25) with Leatrice Joy, "Forbidden Waters" (26), Cecil B. DeMille's"The King of Kings" (27) with H. B. Warner, Joseph Schildkraut and Dorothy Cumming and "Tenth Avenue" (28) with Joseph Schildkraut, Victor Varconi and Phyllis Haver.

Casson Ferguson was not able to demonstrate his acting abilities in the sound film era because he died at the age on only 38 in 1929. 

Other movies with Casson Ferguson:
The Power of Pin Money (17) Father and Son (17) Two-Dollar Gloves (17) The Evil Sag (17) The Daughter of Gas House Dan (17) A Social Climber (17) The Prodigal's Return (17) Face Value (17) The Shuttle (18) Mile-a-Minute Kendall (18) The Only Road (18) How Could You, Jean? (18) The Gypsy Trail (18) Pegt o' My Heart (19) Janes Goes A' Wooing (19) Johnny Get Your Gun (19) Partners Three (19) Putting It Over (19) Secret Service (19) The Prince Chap (20) Merely Mary Ann (20) The Mutiny of the Elsinore (20) Bunty Pulls the Strings (21) The Unknown Wife (21) What's a Wife Worth? (21) A Virginia Courtship (21) The Law and the Woman (22) The Truthful Liar (22) Borderland (22) Drums of Fate (23) A Gentleman of Leisure (23) The Road to Yesterday (25) Cobra (25) For Alimony Only (26)