Elinor Fair

1903 - 1957

The actress Elinor Fair began her cinematical career first under the name Eleanor Crowe before she changed it to Lenore Fair and finally to Elionor Fair.

She started her film career already in 1916 with "The End of the Trail" (16), it followed the movies "The Price of Her Soul" (17), "Reckoning Day" (18), "The End of the Game" (19), "Love Is Love" (19) and "Tin Pan Alley" (19).

She experienced the height of her career in the 20s, among others she took aprt in the productions "Kismet" (20), "Cold Steel" (21), "White Hands" (22), "One Million in Jewels" (23), "The Mysterious Witness" (23), "Timber Wolf" (25), "The Volga Boatman" (26), "Trapped" (26), "The Yankee Clipper" (27) and "Sin Town" (29).

When the sound film set the tone her career came to an end. In the next years she impersonated few support roles in "The Night Rider" (32), "Bolero" (34) and "The Scarlet Empress" (34).

Elinor Fair was married with the actor William Boys. Legend has it that Boyd asked for her hand in marriage during the shooting of the movie "The Volga Boatman" when they were playing their roles. Because it was a silent movie the audience did not notice that it was a real proposal they had seen on the screen.

Other movies with Elinor Fair: 
The Fires of Conscience (16) The Turn of a Card (18) The Road Through the Dark (18) Married in Haste (19) Words and Music by...(19) Be a Little Sport (19) The Miracle Man (19) The Lost Princess (19) Vagabond Luck (19) The Girl in Number 29 (20) Occasionally Yours (20) Broadway and Home (20) It Can Be Done (21) Through the Back Door (21) The Policeman and the Baby (21) The Ableminded Lady (22) Dangerous Pastime (22) Big Stakes (22) Driven (23) Has the World Gone Mad! (23) The Eagle's Feather (23) The Law Forbids (24) Gold and the Girl (25) The Wife Who Wans't Wanted (25) Flyin' Thru (25) Bachelor Brides (26) That Girl Oklahoma (26) Jim, the Conqueror (26) My Friend from India (27) Let 'Er Go Gallegher (28) 45 Calibre Echo (32) Midnight Club (33) Whom the Gods Destroy (34) Broadway Bill (34)