Madge Evans

1909 - 1981

The actress Madge Evans was a very demanded child star who already appeared regularly in movies from the early 1910's.

She made her film debut at the age of five with the production "The Sign of the Cross" (14). In the following years she impersonated a numerous of smaller and bigger parts in movies like "Shore Acres" (14), "The Seven Sisters" (15), "The Devil's Toy" (16), "The Revolt" (16), "Seventeen" (16), "The Little Duchess" (17), "The Burglar" (17), "The Little Patriot" (17), "Vengeance" (18), "The Love Nest" (18), and "Three Green Eyes" (19).

In 1920 she played for the first time in film history the figure of Heidi written by Johanna Spyri.

After that her appearances became more seldom. In the 20's she only took part in three more movies - "On the Banks of the Wabash" (23), "Classmates" (24) and "Envy" (29).

From the middle of the 20's she concentrated on the theater, the movie moved into the background.
This changed at the beginning of the 30's when she made a contract at M-G-M and impersonated the sweet young woman in many movies. To her well-known movies of this time belong "Son of India" (31), "Sporting Blood" (31), "Lovers Courageous" (32), "Huddle" (32), "Fast Life" (32), "Hell Below" (33), "The Major of Hell" (33), "Fugitive Lovers" (34), "Paris Interlude" (34), "The Tunnel" (35), "David Copperfield" (35), "Pennies from Heaven" (36) and "Espionage" (37).

When M-G-M began to lend out Madge Evans to other studios, the quality of her movies dropped noticeable. After the movies "Army Girl" (38) and "Sinners in Paradise" (38) she retired from the film business and played more at the theater again.
Only in the 50's she took on a role for television again but soon retired definitely from the business to enjoy the marriage with writer Sidney Kingsley.

Other movies with Madge Evans:
The Man Who Found Himself (15) The Master Hand (15) Sudden Riches (16) Husband and Wife (16) The Hidden Scar (16) The New South (16) The Little Church Around the Corner (16) The Web of Desire (17) Maternity (17) Beloved Adventuress (17) The Corner Grocer (17) Adventures of Carol (17) The Volunteer (17) The Gates of Gladness (18) Wanted: A Mother (18) True Blue (18) Stolen Orders (18) The Golden Wall (18) Neighbors (18) Heredity (18) The Power and the Glory (18) Woman and Wife (18) The Love Defender (19) Home Wanted (19) Many Happy Returns (30) The Bard of Broadway (30) Guilty Hands (31) West of Broadway (31) Heartbreak (31) The Greeks Had a Word for Them (32) Are You Listening? (32) Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (33) The Nuisance (33) Dinner at Eight (33) Beauty for Sale (33) Broadway to Hollywood (33) Day of Reckoning (33) Made on Broadway (33) The Show-Off (34) Stand Up and Cheer! (34) Death on the Diamond (34) What Every Woman Knows (34) Grand Canary (34) Age of Indiscretion (35) Men Without Names (35) Helldorado (35) Calm Yourself (35) Moonlight Murder (36) Piccadilly Jim (36) Exclusive Story (36) The Thirteenth Chair (37) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Pride and Prejudice" (49) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Sense and Sensibility" (50) Serie "Masquerade Party" (52) Serie "Studio One: Fear Is No Stranger" (54) Serie "Studio One: The Magic Monday" (54) Serie "The Alcoa Hour: The Girl in Chapter One" (56)