Sally Eilers

1908 - 1978

The actress Sally Eilers made her film debut at the end of the 20's and took part in silent movies like "The Red Mill" (27), "Paid to Love" (27), "Sunrise" (27), "The Crowd" (28) and "The Campus Vamp" (28), but especially her appearances as one of the "Bathing Beauties" by Mack Sennett made her popular.

She was able to continue her career successfully with the talkies of the 30's and appeared often in comedies and criminal movies.
To her well-known movies of the 30's belong "Trigger Tricks" (30), "Quick Millions" (31) with Spencer Tracy, "The Black Camel" (31) with Warner Oland as Charlie Chan, "Over the Hill" (31) by Henry King, "Disorderly Conduct" (32) with Spencer Tracy, "State Fair" (33) with Janet Gaynor, "I Spy" (34), "Strike Me Pink" (36) by Norman Taurog, "Talk of the Devil" (37) by Carol Reed, "Lady Behave!" (37) with Neil Hamilton, "They Made Her a Spy" (39) and "Full Confession" (39).

In the 40's followed ony few more apperances in front of the camera, among them "I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island" (41) and "Strange Illusion" (45). Her last movie was "Stage to Tucson" (50).

Sally Eilers was married with the actor Hoot Gibson.

Other movies with Sally Eilers:
The Cradle Snatchers (27) Slightly Used (27) Broadway Daddies (28) Fazil (28) The Good-Bye Kiss (28) Dry Martini (28) The Campus Carmen (28) Weary River (29) Trial Marriage (29) Matchmaking Mamma (29) Sailor's Holiday (29) Broadway Babies (29) The Long, Long Trail (29) She Couldn't Say No (30) Roaring Ranch (30) Let Us Be Gay (30) Doughboys (30) Reducing (31) Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (31) Clearing the Range (31) A Holy Terror (31) Bad Girl (31) Dance Team (32) Hat Check Girl (32) Second Hand Wife (33) Sailor's Luck (33) Central Airport (33) Made on Broadway (33) Hold Me Tight (33) Walls of Gold (33) She Made Her Bed (34) Three on a Honeymoon (34) Carnival (35) Alias Mary Dow (35) Remember Last Night? (35) Pursuit (35) Don't Get Personal (36) Florida Special (36) Without Orders (36) We Have Our Moments (37) Danger Petrol (37) Tarnished Angel (38) Everybody's Doing It (38) Condemned Women (38) The Nurse from Brooklyn (38) A Wave, a WAC and a Marine (44) Coroner Creek (48)