Edward Earle

1882 - 1972

The actor Edward Earle was born in Toronto and he started his stage career in Canada. He appeared in comedy musicals and toured in vaudevilles. 

He made his debut on Broadway in 1904 with the play "The Triumph of Love" (04), ten years later he also gained a foothold in the film business.

He got his first film engagements at the Edison Film Company and he soon became a popular movie actor. Engagements at ther film studios followed in the next years. 

To his first movies belong "An Hour Before Dawn" (13), "The Hand of Horror" (14), "The Mystery of the Laughing Death" (14), "The Gilded Kidd" (14), "The New Partner" (14), "The Vanishing of Olive" (14), "Olive and the Burglar" (15), "For the Man She Loved" (15), "The Phantom Thief" (15) and "The Land of Adventure" (15).

His creative power remained undiminished in the second part of the 10s and he impersonated roles in numerous productions.
To these movies belong "What Doris Did" (16), "The Gates of Eden" (16), "God's Man" (17), "His Wife's Hero" (17), "Sweets to the Sour" (18), "The Little Runaway" (18), "A Bird of Bagdad" (18), "Shocks of Doom" (19), "The Ghost of a Chance" (19) and "The Miracle of Love" (19).

The 20s offered him again countless appearances in front of the camera which increased his popularity. 
To his well-known movies of those years belong "East Lynne" (21), "The Man Who Played God" (22), "Gambling Wives" (24), "The Family Secret" (24), "The Splendid Road" (25), "The Greater Glory" (26), "Spring Fever" (27), "Runaway Girls" (28) and "Smiling Irish Eyes" (29).

In the sound film era of the 30s he was pushed back into the background by new stars. At the beginning he impersonated support roles, later he only played minor roles - often together with Shirley Temple, the Marx Brothers and Laurel & Hardy.

Edward Earle was still a busy actor and during the 30s he acted in movies like "In the Next Room" (30), "Phantom of the Desert" (30), "A Woman of Experience" (31), "The Prizefighter and the Lady" (34), "Little Miss Marker" (34), "Babes in Toyland" (34), "Dangerous Waters" (36), "The Bohemian Girl" (36), "San Francisco" (36), "Adventure in Manhattan" (36), "A Day at the Races" (37), "Murder in Greenwich Village" (37) and "Wells Fargo" (37).

Edward Earle remained active till to the old age and because of his small roles he played he was able to took part in countless movies during the 40s as well as the 50s. 

To his most popular works in those decades belong "The Green Hornet" (40), "Black Friday" (40), "Edison, the Man" (40), "Meet John Doe" (41), "Blondie in Society" (41), "Hangmen Also Die!" (43), "Jack London" (43), "Maisie Goes to Reno" (44), "Nothing But Trouble" (44), "The Postman Always Rings Twice" (46), "The Best Years of Our Lives" (46), "Dragnet" (47), "Beware of Blondie" (50), "Flight to Mars" (51), "The Merry Widow" (52), an episode of the serial "The Adventures of Falcon: Borderline Case" (54), "One Desire" (55), "The Ten Commandments" (56), an episode of the serial "Crossroads: Mother O'Brien" (56) and an episode of the serial "M Squad: The Chicago Bluebeard" (58).

His last appearances in front of the camera came into being with an episode of the serial "The Texan: The Nomad" (60) and an episode of the serial "Camera Three: In Search of Ezra Pound" (66).

Other movies with Edward Earle:
Mother and Wife (14) The Mystery of the Talking Wire (14) The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies (14) The Adventure of the Extra Baby (14) When East Met West in Boston (14) The Unopened Letter (14) The Mystery of the Fadeless Tints (14) Laddie (14) The Birth of the Star Spangled Banner (14) Face Value (14) Sheep's Clothing (14) The Blue Coyote Cherry Crop (14) A Transplanted Prairie Flower (14) Greater Love Hath No Man (14) The Lost Melody (14) A Question of Identity (14) A Moment of Madness (14) A Gypsy Madcap (14) The Girl of the Open Road (14) The Rose at the Door (14) Olive Is Dismissed (14) The Lesson of the Flames (14) Olive's Other Self (15) Lena (15) Olive's Manufactured Mother (15) Olive in the Madhouse (15) Olive and the Heirloom (15) Olive's Greatest Opportunity (15) A Theft in the Dark (15) Greater Than Art (15) Her Proper Place (15) The Working of a Miracle (15) Through Turbulent Waters (15) Eugene Aram (15) The Bedouin's Sacrifice (15) Ranson's Folly (15) Roses of Memory (15) The Hand of the Law (15) The Inocence of Ruth (16) The Light of Happiness (16) The Great Bradley Mystery (17) The Beautiful Lie (17) For France (17) A Family Fliwer (17) Paging Page Two (17) He Had to Camouflage (17) His Wife Got All the Credit (17) The Blind Adventure (18) A Little Ouija Work (18) Seeking an Oversoul (18) A Four Cornered Triangle (18) Their Anniversary Feast (18) Coals for the Fire (18) Their Godson (18) The Rubaiyat of a Scotch Highball (18) Surprising Husband (18) Tobin's Palm (18) A Ramble in Aphasia (18) Sisters of the Golden Circle (18) The Girl and the Graft (18) One Thousand Dollars (18) Mammon and the Archer (18) Springtime la Carte (18) Transients in Arcadia (18) The Guardian of the Accolade (19) His Bridal Night (19) The Buried Treasure (19) High Speed (20) The Law of the Yukon (20) Passion Fruit (21) False Fronts (22) The Streets of New York (22) None So Blind (23) You Are Guilty (23) Broadway Broke (23) The Lure of Love (24) How to Educate a Wife (24) The Dangerous Flirt (24) Her Market Value (25) The Lady Who Lied (25) Why Women Love (25) Irene (26) Pals First (26) A Woman's Heart (26) Twelve Miles Out (27) The Wind (28) Friendship (29) Kid Gloves (29) Spite Marriage (29) The Hottentot (29) Honeymoon Zeppelin (30) Second Honeymoon (30) Stout Hearts and Willing Hands (31) Forgotten Women (31) Scandal for Sale (32) Revenge at Monte Carlo (33) Alimony Madness (33) The Man Who Dared (33) Three on a Honeymoon (34) Stand Up and Cheer! 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Their Anniversary Feast (18) Coals for the Fire (18) The Engineer's Daughter or Iron Minnie's Revenge (32)